Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, Good News/Bad News

The renters are okay with the rent increase but they called this morning with a very non-descriptive problem of the kitchen sink not working. Not a clue if it isn't draining or if it isn't turning on and I can't get in touch with either of them. The girl called before 6 a.m. about it.

So I am going over to big city anyway armed now with a plumber's number and my dad's willingness to fix it if he can and to see what is going on. I will get to pick my glasses up today too. Finally I will be able to again see while driving at night, WOO HOO!

Oh and G and I had a wonderful morning after getting over the rough getting out of bed moment. No tears or hurt feelings for either of us. Mornings can be really rough sometimes around here.

Last night in bed G told me that Ms. W (school counselor) showed her class the movie "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes" to talk about a big feeling-LOVE. G told me she answered three questions about the movie correctly and got some stickers. One question she answered was where was the baby? Orphanage. I said, "Well, did Ms. W. talk about adoption?"
G said, "Yes"
I said, "What did she say?"
G said, "Adoption."
I said, "Well, did she ask if anyone knew someone who was adopted?"
She said, "Yes and to raise our hands."
I said, "Well did you raise your hand?"
She said, "No, cause I couldn't raise my hand about myself."
I said, "G, you know lots of kids who were adopted like A, G, C, H and C."
She said, "Oh, well, I foorgot." (yes her forgot has an oo sound in it).

She told me she said the baby was happy when asked what the baby was feeling but she couldn't remember if she got a sticker for that or not. I am not sure if I should be concerned and how would a lily white with few sprinkles school know about I Love You Like Crazy Cakes as a good book to talk about feelings with kindergarteners? I was really trying to guage G's feelings about the book 'cause it is a book we have three copies of and read periodically. I have always told her the baby on the cover was her. We used it as our story with a few small changes, heh. The baby does look like G as a baby though I look nothing like the mom. I think she was just proud she knew the answers to the questions because she knows the book really well.

Technically, the school is pretty diverse it is about 50% white, and 50% minority mix of African American, Hispanic, Asian. G is the only kid in her class that is Asian, well, maybe the only one of a small few in Kindergarten but her class picture does not show predominately one color over another.

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Kristy said...

Grezat job G!!!!! You are a very very smart girl!!

Love and blessings, Kristy