Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, Mama, You Can Brush 'Em

G has asked me to keep all of her baby teeth. I told her I would as long as they didn't deteriorate to which she replied, "Well, mama, you could brush 'em." Anyway, here are videos from last night after bath and 12 hours later, give or take, this morning before leaving for school. G is spending every Friday night until I take the test so I can go study with a friend who has offered graciously to tutor me. So since I can't video her after her bath tonight we did so before school and yes the tooth was a bit more loose just after 12 hours. Also, can you tell G grinds her teeth?

I told her not to let the tooth come out until I am there to see it. It really isn't ready yet but I am sure it will be by next week sometime. She also doesn't want the toothfairy to keep her tooth. She really wants to save it.


Sharon said...

That is so cute and I can't beleive she is already old enough to loose a tooth! I have a bag of Bar and britts in my jelwry box! hahahah Don't tell anyone.'

Beve, I loved my comment yesterday, you made my day! Such a sweety ,you!!

Vivian M said...

Kerri wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep it, and the tooth fairy was very nice and left it behind. Maybe Miss G should write a note too!