Friday, February 12, 2010

Worn Out But Good

To day was the food giveaway and I am flat worn out. Should have been to bed an hour ago but you know google reader calls I wanted to update the blog. Oh and the day started early, well, 15 mins early because a toy shifted in the living room causing the Tonka rescue firetruck to go through its spiel three or a million or so times. Took me forever to figure out who the helk was talking in my house. I hate talking toys!

We signed up 400 people. There were some errors and one person acting in deceit. But almost 60 people didn't come pick up their food and we can't deliver. So we called some of the people scheduled for April to come get food and they did. So about 360 or 370 is what the final total is. I will know for sure when I go in to tidy up the paper work on Tuesday.

Monday is a holiday and I am getting my eyes checked because I really am getting to where I can't see. My eyes are getting tired easily and I can't see small things on the counter with my glasses on. Driving in the dark is also getting difficult so I will be glad to get new glasses. It has been 5 years. G is going with me just like she did the summer she came home from China 5 years ago.

I did finally get the last part of the TN unemployment but there is a $355 balance left in the account that I can't access. I am going on Wednesday back to AR to find out what to do. I can't get anyone in Tennessee on the phone or on the internet. I am blocked from using their certification system but they won't sent the other $355 which may hold AR up from doing anything. It is still a mess and I am still looking for a job.

Tomorrow G has ball pictures and a game then she, Grammie and I are going to a consignment show/shop after we take all of the OCDF stuff to FEDEX to ship back to NY. I was going to run the OCDF store for our local FCC CNY but it was cancelled due to snow and apparently we couldn't reschedule it. The three boxes have since become the bain of my existence (is that the right word?) because UPS delivered it 3 weeks ago, putting it in my shed without telling me they delivered it (I wasn't home). I saw it on the Sunday before Jan 31 (our FCC party). The boxes have remained there and that is $4000 worth of stuff in my shed stuffed so that the door didn't shut.

It is going back as it came so if anything is broken hopefully I won't get charged because I didn't open a thing or move them until tonight to put them in my truck. One of our FCC members is going to ship it for me and he will be reimbursed by FCC. I will never volunteer to run the store again. It is way to much responsibility to take on without a large enough place to store it.

Today at the food giveaway I saw many people in much worse situation than me (not that it makes me feel good) so I def. have a peace about leaving my financial mess in God's hands (Who better to handle it, right). I just need to remember to quit taking it back out!!

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