Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Apparently, My Message is as Garbled as the WH on Obamacare

I tried to get G to let me consign some of her toys because she has way to many. I told her I would give her the money for her to buy something else even. So I asked her to go through her 4 toy storage bins and put what she would be willing to sell into another box. These are all she was willing to sell:

I asked her why she wanted to give Woody away since her cousin had given them to her and she said, "They don't DO nuthin'." And they won't be sold as they are small and made of cloth.

As if I needed yet another reminder of how literal G is, here is this morning's conversation:

I don't remember what exactly we were talking about, but she asked me why someone did something and I said, "Well, you can just chalk it up to being not very bright."
To which she responded, "No, we only have one chalk board and that is mine. I will say when to put up the chalk board." heh heh heh

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Vivian M said...

LOL, Kerri won't give up her toys either! Good luck with that.
Kerri takes things literally too, we have to keep explaining figures of speech to her.