Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Barack-O is a Genius of Unbelievable Proportions

He was able to do in just 14 months what it took GW Bush 6 years to accomplish:

"A CRACK SUICIDE SQUAD FROM THE JUDEAN PEOPLE’S FRONT: Obama approval rating at 43%. 'Barack Obama hits the campaign trail again this month in support of a tremendously unpopular ObamaCare bill — and his numbers have started nose-diving again. Rasmussen’s latest daily poll shows Obama now at 43% approval, with 56% disapproving, the lowest figures of his presidency. His “passion index” has once again hit its lowest level at -21, as less than a quarter of registered voters now strongly approve of his performance. . . . It took George Bush almost six years to get to this level of job approval. Obama’s managed it in 14 months.'"

Thanks to Instapundit.

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