Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally Made a Decision on Next Month's B-day Celebrations

G will be 6 in April. I was going to throw her a party but she wishes to invite some friends that I am not fond of. So I offered her a deal last night, would she instead take a one person sleepover in exchange for a 6 or more party? and she said yes! So as long as H agrees she will be the guest hosted at none other than G's grammie's house (because of room and animals) either the Friday night before or the Friday night after the actual bday which is on a Thursday by the way.

G even agreed to the girls making her bday cupcakes and pizza for dinner. G is so very excited and was so very excited last night when I brought it up that I had to silence her about talking about it so she could go to sleep. She has planned, asked questions, discussed certain scenarios and planned some more. So anyway, I have my mom feeling out the child's mom to make sure she will be willing to spend the night before I call her for the official invite.

Oh and I participated in a consignment dealio last week and made a bit over $200. I feel pretty good about it. I had 83 items submitted and sold 54. I came home with 29. The majority even sold at full price. Not that I have enough stuff to make me a full time consignor or even would wish to be! I also got some great video deals and books for G for $27. Included in that was a set of tinkertoys (probably not a full set) that G has so far enjoyed!


The Byrd's Nest said...

So thankful you made a little extra money!

She will have so much fun with her sleep over...honestly Bev, I cannot believe she will be 6! Yikes!

Vivian M said...

Wow she is going to be 6 already?! I hope her friend agrees to the sleepover, that should be fun!
I think consignment shops are a wonderful thing - and very happy you had a good experience!