Monday, March 01, 2010

Finally, Recognized as the Star Student She Is

Today began G's week for being star student. In the whole 4 years she was in daycare/pre-school, she was never selected to do the star student poster even though several others did it in every class, at least for one month a year. Seemed everytime it came to G's turn there was turn over in the teachers who would then start over leaving G out every time.

G has been so excited (in the last three weeks anyway) that when it came to picking out pictures, she chose well over 40 to go on the poster. And if I were a really good blogger I would have remembered to take pics of the progress so you will have to imagine:

imagine pic #1: Supplies of blue poster board, construction paper (red, green, orange) and 40+photos

I did help pick some pics out but only the pics after age 3.
imagine pics #2 &3: cute picture of G actually picking the photos out of the albums and then us making copies at wally's world, 'cause I am a wee bit OCD about photos and I wouldn't ever let someone cut or glue my originals.

She was adamant about having baby pics and "toddlwer" pics of herself. It would have been too funny if the actual picking of the photos weren't so close to bedtime.

imagine pic #4: G with finished product before taking it to school.

We practiced at Grammie's house how she was going to talk about the poster and pictures.

Here she is giving the actual presentation of the poster talking about each picture or picture group. I stayed all day with her class because she is the star student!

Calendar Girl! She's my Calender Girl!
Here she is the calendar helper for the week. The kids are asked to raise their hands when their birthday months are called so here they got to April.

I am very tired and G fell asleep in the car on the way home. What an exhausting day it is to be a Star Student or for that matter a parent of one, heh.


Jennifer said...

Yeah G! That is so exciting for her and I love the presentation. So cute!

Super Mommy said...

Yes, being a Star Student is exhausting! Looks like a wonderful project! Congrats to you star!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Aww that is so great! I am sure she is very proud!