Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Loose Tooth Videos

This is from Sunday night.And this was last night.

It really hasn't gotten to the point of truly coming out but it does hurt her when she eats something sometimes. I am guessing it hurts because it moves funny or something, eh?

G's grammie and grandad had lunch with her today at school which made G very very happy. They liked seeing her star student picture outside the class. Other kids liked seeing them come visit with G too.

We haven't been getting to bed on time lately which has added to the high emotional meltdowns around here, literally 5 in 3 days. We have got to get back on track with our sleeping!! G hasn't been snoring any since I purchased an air freshener from my Vollara website. I plugged it in next to the bed and literally she hasn't snored even with a sinus thing going on. So even though we aren't getting to bed on time this week, she is sleeping better while asleep as am I.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

She is so precious Bev...so so precious. Since we have moved here the girls have gone to bed at 6:00....hard to believe huh? I think they are so culturally worn out each day they just collapse in bed! lol

Sometimes people will ask us to go to the mall or eat pizza on a Fri. or Sat. night and my answer is always no...they think I am strange...I am not changing this bedtime if I can help it! I know YOU understand this:) Love you girl!