Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something Happened on the Way to the Coffee Shop

As I was going to meet my tutor for an exam, two deer crossed right in front of me on the interstate, jumped over the center concrete blocks, and then only one made it off the interstate on the other side. I was in the far left lane of I-40 heading east, the interstate is 6 lanes total at that point. The deer crossed literally right in front of me, and I thought how beautifully graceful they were to clear the center concrete sections. I was also sort of stunned to see them there because that is not a scene one often sees in my neck of the woods at least not on the interstate. There are no deer crossing signs around there to give any warnings either.

I watched as another SUV going West hit the second deer, and I tell you I will never get that scene out of my head. I am so glad I didn't hit it but that was only by 3 feet or so that I didn't. Made me ill. Of course there was no way to stop or do anything since it didn't happen on my side of the interstate and other cars did stop on the other side. And I can only believe it was killed on contact. Can't stand to think of it suffering.

Anyway, I got to thinking of all the odd car accidents I have seen in my life. I watched my own dogs get hit (one died), I watched two bicycle riders get hit at different times of course (one had a foot severed), I watched other car accidents besides the ones I have been involved in and I once personally ran over a turtle which makes such an aweful sound that I really never can get that sound out of my head either.

I also backed over a stray cat that did suffer greatly because it didn't initially kill it and I can't forget the look and cry of that cat either. I also rescued a cat that someone else ran over and left for dead. That turned me into a hysterical wreck when I took it to the vet and paid to have it put down even though it wasn't mine (I think they didn't believe me that I just found it that way). Too much I tell you. Of course I haven't even really seen anything when compared to Haiti or the areas hit by Tsunami or other desperate areas. Truly mine are mere flea bites of terrible scenes if you think about it. Tis but a flesh wound in comparison actually. Not really even worth posting, really, but I did.


Jennifer said...

I hate driving around here because we have a bunch of deer. Drives me crazy.

I sent you an envelope with money on Thursday. Let me know if you didn't get it. Sorry it wasn't very much. Also, I will send the clothes for G on Saturday. I have some more clothes I'm going through.

Vivian M said...

How horrible to watch it all happen, and so glad you were not hurt!
I feel bad for the deer, and hope the SUV's driver was not hurt.
Sending you a huge hug today!