Thursday, April 29, 2010

As If...

they didn't know black people don't all look alike? Malcolm X mistaken for the POTUS at the Washington Post. Would that be leftist stupidity or just ingrained racism?

Read The Bill

From: Political Chips via: the cuz to the prez

And on top of all that you need to go here to see how Obamacare will lead to rationing.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She Even Makes Her Own Snacks

Our next door neighbor bought G an EasyBake oven for her birthday. It came with two mixes, cake and cookies. G made the cake yesterday and claimed to have liked it.
She made a thank you card for him and took it to him all by herself on Friday (which is when he gave it to her). I just now got the light to go into it. And no I didn't taste it, she ate the whole thing.

These are flowers from my yard. Finally, after 3 years of waiting, my irises bloomed. Seriously, the flowers that will grow in a dung heap or the edge of a fire pit took three years after I planted them to bloom. Green thumb? I have none.

Friday, April 23, 2010

After the Birthday

This first pic is actually the last picture I took of G as a 5 year old.

This year's shirt. The paint dried clear so it didn't show as well on the blue but G liked it anyway and wore it all day.

Smiling big before school.

G was quite sad last night. No tears though. I think it had to do with the last several weeks were a build up and highly stressful, what with Grammie and the whole hip thing, that when it was over there was an emotional let down. I told her that happens to me after like a vacation or something but then we talked about what to look forward to, you know stuff like graduation where 17 kindie classes with at least 20 kids are all graduating the same night, ugh.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Are 6 Today

Where did the time go? Seems to me it speeds up every year. Begging time to slow down isn't working. I know you don't want to grow up any more than I want you to, G, (at least that is what you tell me). If only Neverland were true...

Once upon a time a princess was born in China, and I was given the privilege of raising her as my daughter. How lucky I am to be your mom. You are a fun kiddo with a strong personality and a quirky sense of humor. I enjoy hanging out with you, Goose.

I love that you are creative. I hope you will become more aggressive with your art work and really do more on your own. I pray that you will continue to learn and do well in school without getting too bored or too burdened. I pray that you will remain safe in this world and come to know the One Who can bring you safely into the next.

On this your 6th birthday, I wish for you many more birthdays to celebrate, to talk about, to plan. But if I could make one thing known, maybe just one slight request, SLOW DOWN; I am not ready for you to grow up!!!! Too bad the bricks on the head don't actually work, heh.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evening Rages

Night times are still sucking the life out of me. G has a tendency to want to argue or fight with me right before bedtime so that about 80% of the evenings she is in full fledged melt down mode by the time she goes to sleep.

One example is last Wednesday, I think, the day after the tooth pulling, we drove into our driveway and G said, "Mama, you don't know those people." (She was talking about our next door neighbors and she is right I don't really know them). So I said, "You are right. I don't." She got this confused look on her face like I brought her up short and she said louder, "Yes you do."

She was baiting me see, she wanted to argue with me. When I didn't play along she tried to change tactics but kept up the baiting. I wish I could say I was able to out maneuver her every time but alas, I am only human, and I failed (and continue to fail) miserably by bedtime.

Now I can't even remember what she got upset about next. By bath time though things were going down hill fast. I tried to divert things but she was upset that I wouldn't stay in the bathroom with her while she showered (she claims to be afraid). Then she was upset that I didn't brush her teeth the same way I did the night before (not sure what she meant there). Then she was too helpless to even put her clothes on (she is 5 after all, dressing herself was accomplished by age 3 or 4). Then she demanded that I change her toothfairy pillow case to which I agreed, but she immediately changed her mind when I did agree.

After I got my shower and we were getting ready to write in our thankfulness journals (whole other post) she had a really bad attitude. I warned her to knock off the attitude and write if she wanted to do so (which she does or did then) because when I was done lights were going off (I thought this would snap her out of her attitude, FAIL). She then proceeded to argue with me, but not write, about my ability to write faster than her. She took up literally 10 mins arguing that point while I tried hard to ignore reminding her that she needed to start writing.

Then in her very bad attitude she wanted to switch pens, but in her helplessness she couldn't find the pens that were right in front of her face literally. Her hand even brushed against them in her attempt to find them as she sat there looking right at them. Had you witnessed it you might would have thought her to be blind or maybe make you want to jam you thumbs in your eyes like I wanted to do.

Then she decided she wanted the red pen (we use different colored pens for journal writing) that I was using; she knew full well that I had it. So I said, "Fine, babe, you use this, I am done anyway and I will wait for you." MAJOR FAIL.

This lead to an hour and half meltdown rage trying to get me to use the red pen again. Never mind that she never got a full sentence written down in that two hour time frame from beginning to write to her finally falling to sleep. She raged, she stomped, she screamed, she begged me to use the red pen. She attempted to control every part of the evening by doing the opposite of what I was doing or by intentionally interrupting me or stopping what I was doing in some way or other.

I mostly stayed on the bed except for one point when I hid the pens from her because she had started to hit herself with them. I tried to de-escalate the situation by leaving the room at another point even. She was so blind and deaf to anything I was trying to say and her repeated mantra became, "Use the red pen." We tried even to attempt to write again, but she refused to let me use any other color than red by taking out of my hand any other pen or by forcing the red pen in my hand or holding it on my notebook where I couldn't write.

Seriously, I know it wasn't about the red pen. I know that her anger came from her inability to control her situation at that point in time. I know she had all afternoon attempted to pick fights with me and for the most part I either ignored or defused them.

If this doesn't sound like such a big deal, then let me just say that twice this week alone (today is only Wed.) we have already had two tearful meltdown raging nights. Both of those were over, not the pen, but her last year 5 year old birthday shirt that she refused to wear until after I made it into a pillow to save it. She wants me to take it apart so she can wear it again which she can't because it says 5 year old birthday. She wore it at her party last year and on her birthday but refused any other time I offered. Hour. long. melt. down. Seriously.

I told her not to even mention the shirt again (for this was not the first time) or she would lose her book and journal time which she lost both two nights in a row. And when I picked her up from school Monday, the first thing out of her mouth was about the pillow/t-shirt. So Sunday night and Monday night she melted down about the t-shirt. She even told me that when I asked her if she would wear the shirt she said, "yes" and that I just didn't understand her. In reality she said, "No" and I did understand her. She told me it was a hard decision to make between undoing the pillow or leaving it alone. I am thinking not so much as a pillow can be kept forever.

Last night we didn't have tears or melt down. What made the difference? She melted down earlier in the day at the end of the field trip because she didn't have long to play in the water at the Children's museum. She thought I lied to her about getting to play in it when I was as unaware of the time as she was.

Then it was about leaving school during recess even though she said she wanted to leave an hour before recess (field trips allow chaperons to take kids out of school earlier) which she didn't. Then it was over bottled water vs. ice water, SERIOUSLY! She actually fell asleep in the car and woke up 15 mins later crying because I had changed the radio station.

During these rages sometimes she tells me she is going to cut my head off or kill me. To which I say, "No you are not." Sometimes she asks why not but sometimes she doesn't. I am not going to worry about that because over all she is a really good kid and I love her dearly. I refuse to be afraid of a 5 year old. I am an imperfect mom and she is an imperfect child but we will continue to be imperfect together figuring it all out as we go along.

I am picking her up in 20 mins waiting to see what will be the melt down topic du jour.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Weekend Was Declared...

The best birthday sleepover ever! I picked G's little friend up after school took them both to grammie and grandad's house for a fun night of making pizza and cupcakes and personalized pillowcases. We watched the Princess and the Frog which is laugh out loud funny. The voodoo is a big negative but it is the classic good overcomes evil in the end.

We didn't sleep late though I really wanted too. The girls played so well together and declared themselves BFF wanting to be twins. Both recognized that they do indeed look a bit alike as both are Asian. Well, one is Asian mix and then G is full Asian. They played all morning, then all afternoon at the playground. Finally after 4pm the little girl's grandma picked her up.

G and I headed out to the rodeo last night after her full night and day play date/birthday sleepover. We had a great time. They added three new parts to the show: calf roping, team roping and shoot and ride. That was all on top of the bull riding and barrel racing. I ran out of card space since I hadn't dumped my files so I didn't get near as many videos as last time. I also haven't watched any of them to post any either.

We are both bone tired and after the movie goes off we will be off for a Sunday afternoon nap!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mom Is Home

Finally. Today will be two weeks from her accident. Thankfully yesterday she was allowed to come home. She is so glad to be home.

In other news G and I built a bendaroo car for their vehicle parade today. BTW, I hate bendaroos. I thought they would stick to together better than they do. I was wrong and frustrated after getting that car built! I just hope it holds together for the parade.

Today is the birthday spend the night at grammie's with a friend day for G. Yes even though my mom broke her hip she said we could still have the mini party there. We will be confined to the living room, dining room and kitchen area mainly plus any of the out door stuff they have to do. Making pizzas for supper and cupcakes (rainbow ones) for dessert, watching movies galore and going home after lunch tomorrow. Busy evening that is for sure.

I have a post boiling in my head about something that happened this week between G and me. G and I discussed the boy being returned to Russia and I want that conversation documented here for later. I mean this is a blog to keep up with important stuff and that was pretty important. I just have to know remember that I need to blog it all.

Tomorrow night we are going to the rodeo and I am so jazzed about that. We are going to get there early enough to get closer seats than we normally have!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Pro-Choice Really Means and What It Has Done

Excerpts of "The 'pro-choice' fraud exposed
Peter Heck - Guest Columnist"

"Who knew the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States would so effectively obliterate the deceptive front the abortion movement has been able to sustain for nearly 40 years? But hats off to Mr. Obama for a job well done.

"Scientifically, medically, constitutionally, morally and ethically, the case for abortion rights is so intellectually bankrupt it is a national embarrassment that we take those who argue it seriously.

"Intellectually speaking, this argument [Pro-choice] has always been beyond silly. To say that you're pro-choice is absolutely meaningless unless you acknowledge what act you believe people should have a choice in doing. The question has always been, "choice to do what?"

"Yet despite this reality, these anti-human rights activists on the left have been successful at tempering the inherent evil of their position by falsely representing themselves as fierce defenders of "a woman's right to choose." No matter how many times this fraud was exposed, the myth perpetuated thanks to a complicit media that refused to acknowledge how barbaric one's mindset must be to – in this enlightened age – still believe in the savage ritual of human sacrifice. But no more.

"How can we know? Because the great champions of "choice" themselves – Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, et al. – just crammed through a healthcare bill that intentionally thrusts the government directly between every woman (as well as man and child) and their doctor. And they did this with the blessing of the criminally misnamed "choice" lobby!

"ObamaCare opens the door to government access of your most personal medical records. It mandates government-enforced purchase of government-approved health insurance that will cover government-permitted procedures. It stands to take the most critical and private decisions about your well being and place them in the hands of a faceless bureaucratic board that is more concerned with cutting costs than extending your life. They will determine whether you need the pacemaker, the bypass or the stint. You, meanwhile, are left with no...choice."

"It's never been about personal liberty. It's always been about a macabre obsession with advancing a legal right to kill kids for convenience. That's pure, unadulterated evil."

(Peter Heck ( hosts a two-hour, daily call-in radio program on WIOU (1350 AM) in Kokomo, Indiana. "The Peter Heck Show" comments on social and political issues -- and doesn't shy away from recognizing how faith influences politics.)

Peter Heck points out so well the total and complete hypocrisy in the whole pro-choice debate (click the title of this post for the total article). It never has been nor never will be about choice only about killing an unborn baby for someones convenience, not necessarily the mother's either. It is ridiculous to call oneself pro-choice when the only real choice wanted for women is the right to kill a baby who has had no trial, no guilt, no ability to do anything other than try to live.

And to say it is okay to abort, aka-kill a baby, before it is viable or able to live outside of the womb, that is just a bad joke and a really bad argument; because, babies outside of the womb wouldn't live long if they weren't cared for and fed by someone. So technically they can't truly be viable until they can make themselves dinner (which may even go to staggering ages such as tweens or teens), or can live on their own (could even cause more older ages like college age to be included), or care for themselves (include all physically or developmentally delayed individuals in this part). So maybe we should take the whole abortion debate into infanticide or genocide; because, logically not rightly, that is where the argument leads.

And just so everyone knows I am PRO-LIFE with absolutely no belief in abortion for any reason not even to save the mother's life. In most cases, doctors would try to save both mother and baby even if it meant one or the other died during birth. And in normal moms, I can't think of any who wouldn't give their own life for their child, no matter where that child is in development.

I expect to lose some readers because of my stance, and that is okay if the truth of what pro-choice means affects someone that much. Truth must and will prevail. This is a judgmental post; I am judging ideology not people. They are not one in the same.

The Love of the Left

Check out Zo on Mauchosauce Productions.

Also, check this link out: Bill Whittle at PJTV.

The Toothfairy Came,

She saw, and left a little sumpin' sumpin'. Silly fairy even caused the box where the tooth was held to fall out of the pillow pocket. G woke me up telling me that the tooth had fallen out but as asleep as I was I couldn't determine what tooth she was talking about, one in her mouth or the box. Finally I understood and told her to just pick up the box and go back to sleep.

The letter says:
"Dear toothfairy (I wrote that part),
Plesse lev my toth cuss my mama wos too kep it and so boow I and I am 5."

If you didn't understand that you need to brush up on your 5 year old written language, heh.
Translation: "Please leave my tooth cause my mama wants to keep it and so do I and I am 5." Yes she still sometimes makes her "b" and "d" backwards. This is the sound it out method except apparently she is not hearing all the sounds in the words correctly. She also puts a "-" over the letter in order to read the long sound.
And the toothfairy was very wise to actually manage to do the letter for the money swap before G went to bed (she was in the bathroom).
G was very excited about the visit. She asked how did she get in the house. I told her she is a fairy like tinkerbell to which G replied, "Un-uh, cause tinkerbell is not real, she is just a tv show." So glad my little darlin' is so grounded in reality.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Gone

G actually pulled her own tooth today. When I picked her up from school she said her tooth was totally able to lay flat. I knew then it had to come out. Sadly my plan was to video it but I didn't have my camera in the car when I got her. On the way to the hospital she asked if she could pull it herself and I said, "Sure." So she did. It barely bled. She said, "I will be called minus one tooth because that one is puln." You know "puln" as in the past tense of "to pull." G asked me if she looked like a 6 year old. I agreed she does!

In other news, mom should be home by Friday if not sooner. She is worried though about forgetting to not do things like bending down or facing the toilet to flush and causing that joint back out of socket. She also says she needs something on her bed to help her up. She may have to sleep in another room for several weeks due to the bed height etc.
But she feels better and her rash is healing. She said it is very depressing to see the other folks in therapy with her because they are much worse off, like the 38 year old stroke victim and the 41 year old paraplegic (both of these people we know personally from high

Friday, April 09, 2010

Loose Tooth Updates and Pictures

This is G at Easter after church hunting money eggs in our yard. I emptied the change in my purse because I forgot to get her candy to hunt. It worked for her anyway.

Yes, we still have the tooth. It will lay flat one way but doesn't want to give way back in. It is still tender and bleeds sometime. She wants to be able to twist it like her grammie told her she could.

Speaking of Grammie (like that smooth transition, heh), we saw her yesterday and she was doing so much better as long as they didn't give her pain meds with an anti-nausea med. Her rash is terrible from her head to her ankle all down her back and the zyrtec didn't touch it. Maybe the benadryl will. She probably needs a steroid but the doc won't prescribe it yet to allow for more healing time. Today will be a hard day for her as she must work on the exercises they left and they looked hard for grammie.

Today also is food give away day. We signed up 400 families which is roughly 1022 people. So that starts officially at 9:30 but some folks will show up at 8 just because. Too bad we can't start early but the food has to be unloaded and organized. It will be a long day.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mom Update-5 more days

Medicine makes her a bit crazy now. She was dozing in and out of sleep at one point saying loudly and clearly, "That's not fair." Then she looked at me because it woke her up. I said, "What's not fair?" She said, "They all have fish but this one doesn't." Then she fell back asleep.

The good news is that she is in the hospital in our town, inpatient PT/OT. They are getting her up today in about 10 mins (8am) to bathe and dress her. She has an awesome, not as in good but as in really really bad, rash on her back and bottom from no one is sure where.

Back to Monday, her doctor/surgeon came to her when the code blue was called and freaked out but not in the can't function way but in the angry this happened way. He came later and told my parents that he will not lose another patient to dilauded. And apparently his best friend or maybe a really good friend (or maybe my mother just dreamed it) died of a dilauded o.d.

So we got to bed late again last night and though G promised no tears she needed to find something to fuss about and harp on and on, ad naseum (is that the right word?) to work into a cry. G will get a hold of a thought or question and is just relentless in repeating or asking to the point I want to poke my ear drums out. Does anyone else's children do that and is that really normal?

Out of ICU

Mom is now in a room. I finally got the whole story. The doc had prescribed a painkiller but due to mom's inability to truly deal well with big drugs they had only been giving her half a dose unless needed. She never needed more than half a dose. But on Monday they moved her to a new wing with new nurses and one of the nurses realizing that mom was supposed to be getting up decided to give her the whole dose because it might have been painful for her after surgery you know. So will good intentions she almost killed my mom. They called a code blue for her even.

So G and I are going after I pick G up from school to see her and grandad. Dad was able to get home for a bit and sleep even in his own bed.

The lady that I am doing volunteer work for had a phone that my sim card would fit. I have a phone now but did you know that (at least in the older phones) you have to save the contact numbers to the SIM card? Well I didn't and so none of my contact numbers transferred. And Att can't get access to the memory of the Nokia phone I had. The new phone was someone elses and they put a password on it that now is not remembered so I can't get rid of those contact numbers either. But I am saving my contacts to the sim card.

This week has been achievement tests at school. I picked G up yesterday and said, "Did you have a test today?" And she said, "Yes and I got them all right." No lack of confidence there, heh. Sometimes she asks me in the most troubled/burdened voice why is she the smartest kid in her class? And no I didn't tell her that though she is smart; she will have competition with a little boy in her class.

Thanks for continued prayer for my mom. It is a bit stressful still. She has a long road to recovery but at least now they can work on getting her up.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Well, There Goes the Phone

Yes my phone died and it looks like no Resurrection is possible. It is in two totally different pieces. I am on my parents phone plan and only they have their names on the plan and they are in the hospital. Well, mom is still in the hospital and dad is waiting.

It is just the kind of thing that makes me want to cry over the whole unemployment dealio! And Obama continues to cause job creation difficulty with the total take over of college loans. The government is buying the loans at 2.6% and selling them to students at 6.8% with the difference going to the obamacare. Sound fair? Beginning July 1, look for it. Lamar Alexander spoke beautifully on the damage Obama has now inflicted upon higher education in the National Review I think. Somehow I had the explore section of the google reader clicked so I was reading things I didn't know I followed then realized I don't follow (but should) and missed copying the link. But if you google Lamar Alexander and Federal school loans you may pick something up.

So about mom, as of last night at 7:30pm, Dad said she was out of critical condition but they had not yet put her in a room. The plan is today move her to a room (unless ICU was needed by another last night) then get her dressing changed and her up on a walker. Hopefully this won't put her off but a day later. Still though, scary time for sure. Really unbelievable, really...

Monday, April 05, 2010

This Ordeal Just Gets Worse

Mom had a migraine which was treated with pain meds and imatrex (spe?) now she is in ICU because they gave her too much. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY. Dad called at 10 something and she was not yet awake. Don't know what to say...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Surgery

Heh, Mom had surgery this morning sometime between 9am and 10:30am she had surgery. Dad texted me and let me know she was in recovery and PTL she didn't get sick! My mom has gotten violently ill for EVERY surgery she has ever had. The doctor replaced the ball with a steel ball to attach to the femur. The ball that broke off wasn't getting any blood so it was deteriorating too quickly.

Dad called me at 4pm yesterday and asked me to bring G to see them then he would take G home with him while he got a shower and another bag packed. I couldn't get in touch with the lady who had offered to babysit for me so I just took G anyway. That ended up being the best decision, dad and mom both needed to see her. Dad took her to mcied's for supper and G said that "He planned that himself." I had asked if she had begged for dinner or not.

G painted grammie a get well picture while dad showered. It sort of surprised me because she can't stand to be away from me or grammie like that. I asked her if she got scared like she does with me and grammie but she said that grandad was easy to see because he is so tallso she doesn't get scared. She said, "You are not easy to see and grammie is really not easy to see but seeing Grandad is easy-peasy." Of course what she says makes absolutely no sense but I will roll with it. And yes she actually said "easy-peasy."

Mom's dinner came while I was there which made for the second meal she had in almost 24 hours. I had the privileged of feeding her every bite she could eat not because her arms didn't work but because she couldn't sit up well enough to see the food or to feed herself. She offered me some of her dinner that reminded me of when my grandmother was in the hospital.

She was on some awesome pain meds that actually caused her to forget to breathe (normal reaction for the meds) so the nurse brought her some oxygen to keep her blood oxygenated (is that the word?). These meds also caused her to fall asleep mid sentence which was pretty funny actually to me, not her.

One of her sisters and hubby came up there too before G and dad came back. I almost cried when I saw them. I am wound up so tight right now; I told my Sunday school class that I may spring soon and fall apart. I guess I haven't had the right trigger yet.

G fell asleep coming home last night so I put her in the bed in her clothes; she didn't wake up. She didn't wake up when I also took her shoes and socks off. She also didn't wake up when I took out her hair band or moved her to put her under the covers in her clothes still. But this morning all I got was tears because I didn't change her into her pjs. We got out of bed 30 mins after the alarm but that put us an hour behind because church this Sunday started 30 mins earlier, ACH! We made it but barely, and the tears didn't help.

We took a 3 hour nap today as required in the 11th commandment (right? RIGHT? Don't tell me, I don't wanna know, heh). But of course for G that means she will need to be medicated not go back to sleep for a while.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bad End to a Good Friday

My mom fell yesterday and broke the ball off the tip of her femur. She had been in the floor playing with G and was attempting to get up. Her feet got tangled in her flip-flops and down she landed on her left hip. G was going to spend the night as I was going to meet my tutor when dad called. I arrived back home to see the ambulance pull away. Dad followed in the car while G and I finished tidying up and making up their bed. Then we headed to the hospital only to not be allowed to see her at all due to G's age.

We talked to her on the phone and she was in extreme pain and crying (though she denied that). G said she sounded like an old lady. I had to agree. So she has since been moved to a larger hospital in big city for the surgery which as of this posting hasn't happened. The fall happened at 5:20pm ish(Dad called me at 5:23 by the car clock) and she has only been stabilized and given lots of drugs for pain. By the way, strong drugs and my mom don't agree.

Oh and she told a friend that if that was the way the Lord wanted her to go she was ready. So she may have felt like leaving because of a broken hip but really there should be no reason for her to leave this soon!! Her bone density test was good when she had that, she is healthy and exercises every day, she has a good attitude and there is no reason this should be what takes her. Yes she is 66 but if you saw her you wouldn't think that necessarily!

Pray hard for my mom and the doctors who will do the surgery. Pray also for my dad to let us help him and for his strength in caring for his wife. He is such an independent person and a bit strong headed not letting us help him even in simple ways. Pray for G because when I picked her up she said it was her fault because she had asked Grammie to play in the floor with her. I have explained that only if she pushed grammie or didn't pick something up after being told to do so it would have been her fault but since she didn't it is totally not her fault! Thankfully Obamacare hasn't taken effect yet!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday with Good Friends

G is currently having a play date with a little girl from her school. This is the same little girl with whom we went to the zoo over spring break. These pics are NOT from the play date. These pics are from the jumper yesterday. We are having said play date at my parents because they have lots and lots of room no sick cats and lots of fun things to do like fly kites and dig for worms, which the little girl thinks she is taking home to her mom, heh.

G is spending the night with my parents so I have to take the little girl home in about 15 mins. They have played SO WELL together, no fighting, lots of sharing and just great friendship.
Today is the day of the dark reminder of Jesus death. Of course, we know the end of the story that begins on Sunday with His coming out of the tomb signifying the end of death and sin. He conquered death for us and all we have to do is accept the gift He offers, eternal life with Him.
Reflect on this Good Friday what the salvation of the Lord means. Thankfully, He didn't stay in tomb, He came out again on the first day of the week for us.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's

G was so excited about today being April Fool's that she told me to April Fool her today. This morning after we were up and I was trying to get breakfast ready and lunch prepared she said, "You said you were going to April Fool me." I said, "I will but you can't know that it is coming before I do it."

Then I waited a sec while getting breakfast ready and said without looking at her, "You are going to have to eat in the cafeteria today because I just can't get your lunch ready right now." She said, "BUT You said I could CARRY my lunch." I looked at her and said, "April Fool's" and she turned bright red, heh.

Three nights ago we were in bed talking about some of her classmates and the typical girl issues (yes even in kindergarten) and I said to G about a particular girl, P, "G you need to be nice to P because she has had a hard life. Her daddy died of cancer like Ms. C did. But I guess she isn't the only one who has had a hard life, you have had a hard life too."

G said, "Why have I had a hard life?"

I said, "Well, you were living in China with people who took good care of you and loved you (FM) and then you were given to people whom you didn't know or understand and taken to a country with different smells and stuff."

She said, "Well, that's not hard. P has it harder." Sometimes I need a little perspective! I am glad that G doesn't see her life as being hard though we still have the questions of why. She is def. a treasure to me.

This is G's birthday month. She woke up asking when her party will be. Sadly we have a new friend since last week who I just can't invite over for the spend the night because I just don't think three girls is a good idea and I don't want more than three over. But her mom and I are going to work out a playdate tomorrow and swimming time over the summer. SO EXCITED! This little girl and G got along so well, no bickering or fussing or anything. They shared well together even.