Friday, April 23, 2010

After the Birthday

This first pic is actually the last picture I took of G as a 5 year old.

This year's shirt. The paint dried clear so it didn't show as well on the blue but G liked it anyway and wore it all day.

Smiling big before school.

G was quite sad last night. No tears though. I think it had to do with the last several weeks were a build up and highly stressful, what with Grammie and the whole hip thing, that when it was over there was an emotional let down. I told her that happens to me after like a vacation or something but then we talked about what to look forward to, you know stuff like graduation where 17 kindie classes with at least 20 kids are all graduating the same night, ugh.

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Lindy said...

What a cute shirt!! I think you should save it in a memory box for G.