Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's

G was so excited about today being April Fool's that she told me to April Fool her today. This morning after we were up and I was trying to get breakfast ready and lunch prepared she said, "You said you were going to April Fool me." I said, "I will but you can't know that it is coming before I do it."

Then I waited a sec while getting breakfast ready and said without looking at her, "You are going to have to eat in the cafeteria today because I just can't get your lunch ready right now." She said, "BUT You said I could CARRY my lunch." I looked at her and said, "April Fool's" and she turned bright red, heh.

Three nights ago we were in bed talking about some of her classmates and the typical girl issues (yes even in kindergarten) and I said to G about a particular girl, P, "G you need to be nice to P because she has had a hard life. Her daddy died of cancer like Ms. C did. But I guess she isn't the only one who has had a hard life, you have had a hard life too."

G said, "Why have I had a hard life?"

I said, "Well, you were living in China with people who took good care of you and loved you (FM) and then you were given to people whom you didn't know or understand and taken to a country with different smells and stuff."

She said, "Well, that's not hard. P has it harder." Sometimes I need a little perspective! I am glad that G doesn't see her life as being hard though we still have the questions of why. She is def. a treasure to me.

This is G's birthday month. She woke up asking when her party will be. Sadly we have a new friend since last week who I just can't invite over for the spend the night because I just don't think three girls is a good idea and I don't want more than three over. But her mom and I are going to work out a playdate tomorrow and swimming time over the summer. SO EXCITED! This little girl and G got along so well, no bickering or fussing or anything. They shared well together even.

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She is definitely a treasure!