Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Surgery

Heh, Mom had surgery this morning sometime between 9am and 10:30am she had surgery. Dad texted me and let me know she was in recovery and PTL she didn't get sick! My mom has gotten violently ill for EVERY surgery she has ever had. The doctor replaced the ball with a steel ball to attach to the femur. The ball that broke off wasn't getting any blood so it was deteriorating too quickly.

Dad called me at 4pm yesterday and asked me to bring G to see them then he would take G home with him while he got a shower and another bag packed. I couldn't get in touch with the lady who had offered to babysit for me so I just took G anyway. That ended up being the best decision, dad and mom both needed to see her. Dad took her to mcied's for supper and G said that "He planned that himself." I had asked if she had begged for dinner or not.

G painted grammie a get well picture while dad showered. It sort of surprised me because she can't stand to be away from me or grammie like that. I asked her if she got scared like she does with me and grammie but she said that grandad was easy to see because he is so tallso she doesn't get scared. She said, "You are not easy to see and grammie is really not easy to see but seeing Grandad is easy-peasy." Of course what she says makes absolutely no sense but I will roll with it. And yes she actually said "easy-peasy."

Mom's dinner came while I was there which made for the second meal she had in almost 24 hours. I had the privileged of feeding her every bite she could eat not because her arms didn't work but because she couldn't sit up well enough to see the food or to feed herself. She offered me some of her dinner that reminded me of when my grandmother was in the hospital.

She was on some awesome pain meds that actually caused her to forget to breathe (normal reaction for the meds) so the nurse brought her some oxygen to keep her blood oxygenated (is that the word?). These meds also caused her to fall asleep mid sentence which was pretty funny actually to me, not her.

One of her sisters and hubby came up there too before G and dad came back. I almost cried when I saw them. I am wound up so tight right now; I told my Sunday school class that I may spring soon and fall apart. I guess I haven't had the right trigger yet.

G fell asleep coming home last night so I put her in the bed in her clothes; she didn't wake up. She didn't wake up when I also took her shoes and socks off. She also didn't wake up when I took out her hair band or moved her to put her under the covers in her clothes still. But this morning all I got was tears because I didn't change her into her pjs. We got out of bed 30 mins after the alarm but that put us an hour behind because church this Sunday started 30 mins earlier, ACH! We made it but barely, and the tears didn't help.

We took a 3 hour nap today as required in the 11th commandment (right? RIGHT? Don't tell me, I don't wanna know, heh). But of course for G that means she will need to be medicated not go back to sleep for a while.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Sounds like a big bundle of emotions for you.. I hope it all gets better quickly.

Super Mommy said...

Whew, I'm exhausted for you... glad your mom had her surgery and is fairing well (not sick). Praying for a speedy recovery. Peace girl, peace...

Vivian M said...

Sending prayers your way....