Friday, April 09, 2010

Loose Tooth Updates and Pictures

This is G at Easter after church hunting money eggs in our yard. I emptied the change in my purse because I forgot to get her candy to hunt. It worked for her anyway.

Yes, we still have the tooth. It will lay flat one way but doesn't want to give way back in. It is still tender and bleeds sometime. She wants to be able to twist it like her grammie told her she could.

Speaking of Grammie (like that smooth transition, heh), we saw her yesterday and she was doing so much better as long as they didn't give her pain meds with an anti-nausea med. Her rash is terrible from her head to her ankle all down her back and the zyrtec didn't touch it. Maybe the benadryl will. She probably needs a steroid but the doc won't prescribe it yet to allow for more healing time. Today will be a hard day for her as she must work on the exercises they left and they looked hard for grammie.

Today also is food give away day. We signed up 400 families which is roughly 1022 people. So that starts officially at 9:30 but some folks will show up at 8 just because. Too bad we can't start early but the food has to be unloaded and organized. It will be a long day.


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Sorry to read your mom is sick. I'm just catching up on my blogs. We were out of town. I pray she makes a full recovery. It took my mom a year to recover from her fall last year. She is finally getting better.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I just have to tell you Bev that I am so proud of you. I know that you don't have a job yet and you must be worried because that would be the normal human thing to do but you are pouring yourself into other peoples lives.....and for this I know HE is smiling and He will bless you.

PS Hope the tooth comes out soon....Lottie is just dying to lose a tooth....she can't stand the sight of her own blood I have no idea why???? lol

Lindy said...

G is so brave with her loose tooth. What a sweetie!

Stephanie Boaz said...

I hope your mom is feeling better.