Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Out of ICU

Mom is now in a room. I finally got the whole story. The doc had prescribed a painkiller but due to mom's inability to truly deal well with big drugs they had only been giving her half a dose unless needed. She never needed more than half a dose. But on Monday they moved her to a new wing with new nurses and one of the nurses realizing that mom was supposed to be getting up decided to give her the whole dose because it might have been painful for her after surgery you know. So will good intentions she almost killed my mom. They called a code blue for her even.

So G and I are going after I pick G up from school to see her and grandad. Dad was able to get home for a bit and sleep even in his own bed.

The lady that I am doing volunteer work for had a phone that my sim card would fit. I have a phone now but did you know that (at least in the older phones) you have to save the contact numbers to the SIM card? Well I didn't and so none of my contact numbers transferred. And Att can't get access to the memory of the Nokia phone I had. The new phone was someone elses and they put a password on it that now is not remembered so I can't get rid of those contact numbers either. But I am saving my contacts to the sim card.

This week has been achievement tests at school. I picked G up yesterday and said, "Did you have a test today?" And she said, "Yes and I got them all right." No lack of confidence there, heh. Sometimes she asks me in the most troubled/burdened voice why is she the smartest kid in her class? And no I didn't tell her that though she is smart; she will have competition with a little boy in her class.

Thanks for continued prayer for my mom. It is a bit stressful still. She has a long road to recovery but at least now they can work on getting her up.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Glad to hear that it was good intentions and not just a mishap, but still... hope she gets to feeling better soon!

Vivian M said...

I am glad the worst is behind her and your Mom can concentrate on getting better now. I will continue to keep your parents in my prayers, and am sending you a huge hug!
Hope you find all your phone numbers!

Lindy said...

G is such a cute kid. I love that she proclaims herself to be the smartest kid in the class. (I know what that is like... and it is a burden!!)