Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Weekend Was Declared...

The best birthday sleepover ever! I picked G's little friend up after school took them both to grammie and grandad's house for a fun night of making pizza and cupcakes and personalized pillowcases. We watched the Princess and the Frog which is laugh out loud funny. The voodoo is a big negative but it is the classic good overcomes evil in the end.

We didn't sleep late though I really wanted too. The girls played so well together and declared themselves BFF wanting to be twins. Both recognized that they do indeed look a bit alike as both are Asian. Well, one is Asian mix and then G is full Asian. They played all morning, then all afternoon at the playground. Finally after 4pm the little girl's grandma picked her up.

G and I headed out to the rodeo last night after her full night and day play date/birthday sleepover. We had a great time. They added three new parts to the show: calf roping, team roping and shoot and ride. That was all on top of the bull riding and barrel racing. I ran out of card space since I hadn't dumped my files so I didn't get near as many videos as last time. I also haven't watched any of them to post any either.

We are both bone tired and after the movie goes off we will be off for a Sunday afternoon nap!


Vivian M said...

Yay!!! Happy birthday Miss G, and so glad you had the best birthday ever!
Hope you both enjoy your naps!

Don and Denise Sullivan said...

Happy Birthday G! Sounds like a ton of fun & we love the rodeo too!