Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Toothfairy Came,

She saw, and left a little sumpin' sumpin'. Silly fairy even caused the box where the tooth was held to fall out of the pillow pocket. G woke me up telling me that the tooth had fallen out but as asleep as I was I couldn't determine what tooth she was talking about, one in her mouth or the box. Finally I understood and told her to just pick up the box and go back to sleep.

The letter says:
"Dear toothfairy (I wrote that part),
Plesse lev my toth cuss my mama wos too kep it and so boow I and I am 5."

If you didn't understand that you need to brush up on your 5 year old written language, heh.
Translation: "Please leave my tooth cause my mama wants to keep it and so do I and I am 5." Yes she still sometimes makes her "b" and "d" backwards. This is the sound it out method except apparently she is not hearing all the sounds in the words correctly. She also puts a "-" over the letter in order to read the long sound.
And the toothfairy was very wise to actually manage to do the letter for the money swap before G went to bed (she was in the bathroom).
G was very excited about the visit. She asked how did she get in the house. I told her she is a fairy like tinkerbell to which G replied, "Un-uh, cause tinkerbell is not real, she is just a tv show." So glad my little darlin' is so grounded in reality.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

So cute!

The Byrd's Nest said...

What a sweet letter.....so thankful it finally came out!

Vivian M said...

Save that letter with the tooth!!! That is priceless!
I am glad the tooth fairy made it safe and undetected, lol.