Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Pictures

This fish G caught two weeks ago with Grandad. For whatever reason they brought it home.

The next pic is the hammock G won for the St. Jude Math-a-Thon she participated in. Thank you for your donations. It is a perfect place to take an afternoon nap after 4 1/2 hours of swimming.

A Memorial Day Tribute

In Honor of All Vetrans of Foreign Wars

To all men and women who have served in the US military, I thank you for your service.

May our flag continue to fly high. May our hearts be emboldened to continue the fight for freedom not only for this country but for all peoples in all countries. May we quickly be rid of any administration who takes lightly the freedoms won by so few, who sacrificed so much for so many.
Enjoy your Memorial Day but remember that you cannot celebrate how you please without remembering those who fought and died to allow you the freedom to celebrate how you please. Freedom is not free.
All photos on this post are under copy right to me, the blog author. No photo should be used without explicit permission by me, the blog author, thanks.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Watch this video. Brings the issue down to the point, Obama's total disregard for anything other than himself and preserving his presidency. Remember in 2010/2012.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Night and Field Day

Last night was graduation. 320+ kids out in about 40 mins. Yes it was fast. Then today, all day, outside carnival and field day. I am The kids are exhausted.

I signed up to do the face paint with three other people. Two and a half hours of painting kindergartners' faces. I may have nightmares of kids' faces coming at me with hearts, snakes, balloons, smiley faces and peace signs.
G is spending tonight at her grammie and grandad's house. Tomorrow is my big test. Please pray for me because yesterday I discovered a huge sty on the inside of my lower lid. Yep, a sty two days before a four hour eye straining computer test. I started using G's pink eye drops last night and there is marked difference today but it is not yet gone.
Three more days of school!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


According to the prisoner alert I received in e-mail (and I heard the news on KLove as well):

"Praise God! On May 22, Maryam and Marzieh were acquitted of all charges, according to Elam Ministries. Maryam and Marzieh thank you for all your prayers. "We are most grateful to everyone who prayed for us," Marzieh said. "I have no doubt that God heard the prayers of his people." Maryam added, "I believe our arrest, imprisonment and subsequent release were in the timing and plan of God, and it was all for his glory. But the prayers of people encouraged and sustained us throughout this ordeal." Thank you for writing to Maryam and Marzieh. We encourage you to continue writing to other believers still in prison. Your letters make a difference. Pray and write today!"

For more information go here. According to KLove the women are no in another country but because of their time in jail they were able to share Christ with others in prison. Of course that may be why Iran released them, so they wouldn't be a witness.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybe We Should Be a Bit More Like Russia

"A later article confirmed everything that I knew to be true - the Russian put the pirates (some of them wounded) into an inflatable boat, took away the navigation equipment and "let them go". The boat was in the open sea, about thousand miles from the sea-shore. After one hour, the boat disappeared from the radar. The Russian captain dryly said that he was not obliged to feed those pirates and he just 'let them go'." Want to know the rest of the story? Go here.

Green Economy Totally Bad for Our Economy

"La Gaceta boldly exposes the failure of the Spanish renewable policy and how Obama has been following it. The headline screams: 'Spain admits that the green economy as sold to Obama is a disaster.'” If you want the full story go here.

A green economy is the worst idea in the world as demonstrated by the parts of the world who have inacted it. Oh and socialism is dead too, too bad Obama wants to resurrect it here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I have thought for some reason all day that it was May 16 but knowing the whole day that this Thursday, May 27, is K graduation. Then just a minute ago I saw another family post about their 5 year anniversary and even thought they were doing it too early. So much for my mind, huhn?

Today 5 years ago I received the call that Wu BaoJiang was my daughter. WOW-seems like a lifetime ago really and yesterday all at once. So Happy Referral Day G! What an amazing ride.

G did go fishing again today with her grandad, and this time caught a fish which they brought home alive in a bucket. G really thought she could keep it as a pet, but Grandad said they would fix it for dinner. The fish sadly will die but no one will eat it. G tried really hard to convince me to get her a fish tank. She said she would feed it bait or worms. So sorry child.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

The budgies are open again. This time we even saw the grizzlies out and about. We were able to have a picnic inside the air conditioned lodge. It was very hot and humid outside today.
One of G's classmates came with us and promptly fell asleep on the way home. Her dad came to get her out of the car without waking her up even.

The zoo was crowded today as well. Seems everyone else had the same idea, heh.
Don't know if you have seen or if it has even been on the news but we have had some excitement around here. A father and son Aryan brotherhood team came through town, was pulled over for routine stop and then promptly shot and killed one policeman, wounded another who died later at the hospital. Then they hid out in the Wally World parking lot, were rammed by a forest ranger, shot two more police, and were shot by police. The son was 16, had an AK-47, did the majority of the shooting, ie he killed the two officers in the first place.
This all happened within roughly three or four blocks of the elementary school where G was. All roads out of town were down to a car by car search (aka-bad interstate back up). This all happened Thursday between 10am and 2pm. I think most of the people at Wallyworld, which closed for the rest of the day, were finally able to get their autos today as it has been a crime scene since Thursday. Two officers are still in the hospital, well one of them anyway. The two dead will be honored/buried Monday.

All I Can Say Is WOW!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kindergarten Is Exhausting

G hit the wall about 8:45pm tonight. I let her stay up "late" tonight until 8:30 and then she headed off to get ready for bed. I was waiting and waiting for her to tell me she was ready for the teethbrushing ritual (I brush night and she brushes morning) but there was nothing but silence on her part. In actuality the TV was blaring and my bedroom radio is on loud. I went to check on her about 8:50pm and bless her little kindergarten heart, she is sound asleep under covers and everything. We were going to start the new Junie B Jones book over again tonight but nevermind.

Eight more days of school and that is it, Kindergarten is over, finis, done, never to be repeated again. Then we have a busy summer what with the Chinese immersion school that I haven't heard back from yet and a soccer camp as well as all the VBS's to attend. I am tired just thinking about it, heh. Oh and this week will be very busy with graduation on Thursday.

So now to join G in her dream state, hoping to have fun in the morning. Will update tomorrow afternoon if not too tired.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

This is in response to the radical muslim's threats against Comedy Central's South Park. No, I don't even watch South Park, but it doesn't matter. The thing is though if they choose to make fun of a religion then threats of death shouldn't come from a practitioner of that religion. Guess what economic boycotts work too.

There are too many people afraid to stand up against the radical muslim, even peaceful muslims don't stand up. America is a free land. We have freedom of speech at least for now, and threatening someone for doing something you don't agree with is not the American way. So in honor of the 1st Everybody Draw Mohammed Day here is my very poor drawing of Mohammed (poor because I am no artist):

I post this for Theo van Gogh, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Lars Vilks. They will never know me but I stand for freedom even when it offends. There is not a right to not be offended in this world.

This is not about hatred, but I am sure waiting for the religion of peace to be just that: PEACEFUL. When will the threats stop?

There is a link in the title of the post.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye Update

G was able to open her eye about 8:30ish this morning but after the night it was a bit swollen so we still went to the eye doctor. She said by all descriptions it sounded like a foreign object and it was out without any other damage to her eye. She gave me some allergy drops (samples just in case G needs them from over rubbing to her eye).

She also did a pre-test of her eyes but her big check up is in July. Why she didn't go ahead and do the whole check up? I don't know. G seems to be 20/25 in her right eye and 20/20 in her left eye which was the one that was hurting.

After the appt. G, Grammie and I ran some errands picking up some things at the Dollar Tree, Burlington and Tarjay! Grammie bought G another of the Junie B series. G loves those books and we only have one the one Stupid Smelly Bus (we have read it 4 times already). Looking forward to Junie B and her graduation as G is heading for her own graduation.

We then proceeded to get stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get home. We had pizza with the parents and home again, home again, yippee dee dee. Tomorrow, G goes to school! I mean she only has roughly 11 days of school left.

I was able to get a scholarship to a Chinese immersion camp nearby for G. I am very excited. Mom agreed to pay have the remainder (what the scholarship doesn't cover) and I will come up with half as well. I am very excited for G and she seems to be also. It is still a bit far for her to grasp the concept though.

I left this unpublished last night; I just forgot about it.

The Eyes Have It

G got something in her eye last night and can't open it. I put tears in it to wash it out to no avail. G slept with a cold rag on her eyes but this morning, she still can't open it. So now she is home from school and we are waiting for the doctor's office to open so we can get an appt. We have a make shift eye patch on that isn't really working but she either closes both eyes or holds the one with her hand which doesn't really work either.

Anyway, better get all the emergency stuff out of the way before Obamacare breaks the medical system. Have you all heard the latest? The public option is in the current legislation and allows the office of personel management to set up a system, hire all the employees needed and spend what they want to get it started. Also, several companies are considering dropping health coverage because it is cheaper to do that and face government fines than to keep employees covered. We are heading into a very bad season of big government and that is causing serious concern at Chez Rambling Mother.

Okay off to wait to call for the doctor who doesn't open until 8:30.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday morning, G called her grandad and asked if they could go fishing. He and Grammie came to pick G up after church. I went to take a nap at a wee bit after 1pm and didn't wake up again until G came to tell me she was going with Grammie and Grandad to evening service at 5:41pm. Yep, I slept over 4 hours and would have slept longer had G not come into tell me what they were doing. The dog that sleeps with us was also napping with me and did not even stir when G came home. What a great protector this dog is!

I have been sick with a summer cold, stuffy head etc. I guess I haven't been sleeping well and needed to catch up. I had just been complaining to told my mom last Sunday that I haven't been able to nap past 2 hours, then whammo a 4 hour nap.

I used to be a champion nap-taker. Seriously, I would go to the early service at church and then come home before 11am, go back to bed until 5:15pm when I would get a large latte and go to the evening church service. And yes I could still go right back to bed at a decent hour the same evening; that is what made me the champion nap taker (self-proclaimed that is). Of course this was all pre-G. I love Sunday afternoon naps, that is for sure!

Oh and G and her grandad caught several small fish. She got to ride in the front of the truck and when grandad "scrolled the window down" she got to unbuckle to see the turtles. Riding in the front of the truck is such a treat for her.

She then came home last night demanding the "fenometor" to take her "temper" even though she promises she doesn't want to be sick.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Book Will Make You Very Mad...

at the Government. Amazing the things our government has done to grow away from the foundations of our country. And yes I mean the government has GROWN. What was intended to be a very small part of our country that being just to protect us, provide the infrastructure and keep us safe from enemies abroad and at home, it has grown to a ridiculous size that threatens to touch every part of our individual private lives.
How did that happen? Well, through lies and deceptions and cleverly worded laws that erode our naturally given rights (Not given by a government but by a CREATOR). Judge Napolitano lays it all out through historical records, laws, and court opinions.
It has taken me a very long time to get through this book because I get so mad that we, the people, have let this happen over time and ever so slowly. We are like frogs, slow boiling, unawares, to our death-death of freedoms.
Everyone needs to read this book. I only to understand what is happening and what has happened that lead the US to the brink of socialism. You will be angry as well. This book will give you a reason to become political and fight back against the ever growing government. In order for us to remain free as our Founders intended then we need to understand the many ways our government lies to us. Judge Napolitano gives us that understanding.
In exchange for this review I received this book for free.

Strange Comment...

received, but this one had no links other than the profile. I had it translated.


"One-third of life,Life can determine the other two thirds! !Encourage each other oh! "

This is google translation and this comment comes up in the search quite a bit. Haven't a clue why someone left the comment here but I chose not to publish it. Actually I am not rejecting it either just yet. Want to see if someone choses to claim it and define it more for me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Re-cap

G made me several cards which is always nice. Saturday, G and I spent the day cooking. G made cookies in her easy bake and then she helped Grammie and I dip strawberries in white chocolate and ruin some berries in semi sweet chocolate (lesson learned only use milk chocolate or white chocolate).
This card describes me in G's eyes anyway. She said I have sort of brown hair, heh. She loves me because I buy her stuff, I love on her and sometimes take her to the blue park. She lists my favorite food as pizza, not far off actually, heh.

I made myself sick on the strawberries! They were delish!
Now we are watching princess and the frog (my new fav. movie). I have to start dinner soon.
This week began the sign up time for the next food giveaway (that means not much computer time for the next 3 weeks). We signed up 350 people in 4 days when last time it took two weeks to do the same amount. Word is getting out and the actual date isn't for another two weeks ugh! We only have 400 spots total. Come to find out we are in the area that has the hungriest citizens in the nation. Big city has been classified as the hungriest city in America according to some gov't survey.
G graduates on the 27th but school isn't out until the 3rd. They will be doing busy work for the last four days of school.
I have a sinus infection and in general feel like warmed over death or death warmed over. So I am trying to fight it with over the counter stuff. I haven't found the right combination yet though to feel good.
Anyway, I seemed to have lost my blogging mojo though there is a lot out there to blog about. I also have self sensored so much that I almost don't feel like blogging anymore anyway. Maybe the difference would be if I had a faster computer then I wouldn't get so frustrated on the waiting for pics to upload or pages to open. Or maybe if I just stepped away for a bit. The decision may be made for me for the next few weeks, we shall see.
There has also been lots of sad happenings the adoptive blog world. One family's child died before they were able to meet her. Another family's child was pulled after referral by the CCAA due to serious developmental delays. But then there has been some sweet happenings too, several families off to meet their new children and a long awaited referral for others!!!
So now off to feed my baby girl some supper! Oh and I have a few more Saturdays until my test, then we shall see about getting a job. The grant hasn't come through yet for the one position, and I really am beginning to be a bit more stressed. Unemployment is still holding us afloat but not by much. Oh and this is just documentation of our situation not a pity party.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Well, Now I Know...

What the baby in the lullaby felt like, well, almost. Sunday afternoon (but before nap time) I was swinging in the tree swing as G pushed me and in G's words, I "breaked the swing." I fell a whopping 30 feet 2 feet flat on my bum with the chain coming down on my tibia in a skipping rock fashion. The limb thankfully did not come with it (though my mind flashed a scene where the limb landed on my head in a what will I do kind of moment). And my 70 year old aunt had swung on that swing some time before I did, so I am so thankful it wasn't her that brought the swing down. After determining that I would live, though for a moment it was touch and go there we all had a good laugh, though G laughed the hardest.

In other news, I dropped a cool $500 yesterday before 10am. Seems that Dayton tire I had to get a bit over 3 years ago was as good as its word in lasting roughly 3 years and the steel started showing. When I went to have it replaced the tire place pointed out that the Michelin's that had been on it since 1999 (I bought it in 2000) were beginning to show dry rot in places. I had (including the spare) 4 of those original tires left on the car. I kept the best of those tires as my spare. I had to replace them with Firestone (I hope they last as long) Plus an oil change and buh bye $500.

Unemployment, like motherhood, is not for the faint of heart!

Mom is continuing to heal and walk better and better without a cane (her safety net). G's relationship with her has changed, sadly, dramatically for the worst. It is G's attitude regarding my mom rather than anything my mom has done or does. And that makes me a little sad.

My aunt left after being here for 2 weeks. G fell in love with her because she played with G on G's terms and played G's game. So yesterday G told me that G loves AA best, better than anyone. All this said with tears as she realized AA was leaving that morning. I said, "It is a good thing God doesn't love us just because we do everything His way. And it is a good thing Grammie and Grandad don't love you just because you do everything their way. That is not a kind of love that lasts." That was me, of little patience, on a school morning not wanting to put up with G's (not sure if they were real) tears. I know, I am now accepting the mother of the year award for patience, NOT!

Oh and G raged yesterday afternoon from 4:30ish pm to after 7pm moving from topic to topic to be mad at me for. I will say (again, award deserving) I didn't like her very much during that display of anger, tears, meanness (she told me she was going to cut me, yes from a 6 year old) etc.

This morning was a bit better for her, I am still trying to process how yesterday's mess broke down as the afternoon had started out really well.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

We Got a Rain!

These pictures were taken outside in my parents yard. The storm came through last night dropping over 4 1/2 inches of rain causing lots of flooding. My parents live on some of the highest ground in the county. G couldn't wait to wade through the water and was very content until some rain water
came in over the top of her boots. All major plans were cancelled today which is good since G has pink eye again!