Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I have thought for some reason all day that it was May 16 but knowing the whole day that this Thursday, May 27, is K graduation. Then just a minute ago I saw another family post about their 5 year anniversary and even thought they were doing it too early. So much for my mind, huhn?

Today 5 years ago I received the call that Wu BaoJiang was my daughter. WOW-seems like a lifetime ago really and yesterday all at once. So Happy Referral Day G! What an amazing ride.

G did go fishing again today with her grandad, and this time caught a fish which they brought home alive in a bucket. G really thought she could keep it as a pet, but Grandad said they would fix it for dinner. The fish sadly will die but no one will eat it. G tried really hard to convince me to get her a fish tank. She said she would feed it bait or worms. So sorry child.


AZMom said...

Happy referral day!! Amazing how fast time flies!! She is just a beautiful little girl!

juls said...

May 23d was 5 years that Guo Jing Yi (Sarah) wasplaced in our arms. We are not sure where the years have gone but it was one of the best moments in my life.