Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

This is in response to the radical muslim's threats against Comedy Central's South Park. No, I don't even watch South Park, but it doesn't matter. The thing is though if they choose to make fun of a religion then threats of death shouldn't come from a practitioner of that religion. Guess what economic boycotts work too.

There are too many people afraid to stand up against the radical muslim, even peaceful muslims don't stand up. America is a free land. We have freedom of speech at least for now, and threatening someone for doing something you don't agree with is not the American way. So in honor of the 1st Everybody Draw Mohammed Day here is my very poor drawing of Mohammed (poor because I am no artist):

I post this for Theo van Gogh, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Lars Vilks. They will never know me but I stand for freedom even when it offends. There is not a right to not be offended in this world.

This is not about hatred, but I am sure waiting for the religion of peace to be just that: PEACEFUL. When will the threats stop?

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