Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye Update

G was able to open her eye about 8:30ish this morning but after the night it was a bit swollen so we still went to the eye doctor. She said by all descriptions it sounded like a foreign object and it was out without any other damage to her eye. She gave me some allergy drops (samples just in case G needs them from over rubbing to her eye).

She also did a pre-test of her eyes but her big check up is in July. Why she didn't go ahead and do the whole check up? I don't know. G seems to be 20/25 in her right eye and 20/20 in her left eye which was the one that was hurting.

After the appt. G, Grammie and I ran some errands picking up some things at the Dollar Tree, Burlington and Tarjay! Grammie bought G another of the Junie B series. G loves those books and we only have one the one Stupid Smelly Bus (we have read it 4 times already). Looking forward to Junie B and her graduation as G is heading for her own graduation.

We then proceeded to get stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get home. We had pizza with the parents and home again, home again, yippee dee dee. Tomorrow, G goes to school! I mean she only has roughly 11 days of school left.

I was able to get a scholarship to a Chinese immersion camp nearby for G. I am very excited. Mom agreed to pay have the remainder (what the scholarship doesn't cover) and I will come up with half as well. I am very excited for G and she seems to be also. It is still a bit far for her to grasp the concept though.

I left this unpublished last night; I just forgot about it.


Stephanie Boaz said...

So glad that G's eye is okay! Sounds like your mom is recovering very nicely from her ordeal.

Very exciting about the immersion camp for G!

Good luck with your upcoming test, and I hope it opens some doors for you in your job search. Take care.

Vivian M said...

Hope the eye heals soon! Camp sounds like fun, looking forward to hearing how Miss G likes it.
As for the books, I will have to look them up, never heard of them. Thanks for sharing, I am always looking for new books for Kerri!

juls said...

Go to scholastic.com and see if you can buy the whole Junie B Jones series. I did for my child and the classroom! We love them.