Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Eyes Have It

G got something in her eye last night and can't open it. I put tears in it to wash it out to no avail. G slept with a cold rag on her eyes but this morning, she still can't open it. So now she is home from school and we are waiting for the doctor's office to open so we can get an appt. We have a make shift eye patch on that isn't really working but she either closes both eyes or holds the one with her hand which doesn't really work either.

Anyway, better get all the emergency stuff out of the way before Obamacare breaks the medical system. Have you all heard the latest? The public option is in the current legislation and allows the office of personel management to set up a system, hire all the employees needed and spend what they want to get it started. Also, several companies are considering dropping health coverage because it is cheaper to do that and face government fines than to keep employees covered. We are heading into a very bad season of big government and that is causing serious concern at Chez Rambling Mother.

Okay off to wait to call for the doctor who doesn't open until 8:30.


Vivian M said...

Praying Miss G's eye is going to be OK!

Kikilia said...

How is G's eye?

Was it a stye by any chance?