Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Night and Field Day

Last night was graduation. 320+ kids out in about 40 mins. Yes it was fast. Then today, all day, outside carnival and field day. I am The kids are exhausted.

I signed up to do the face paint with three other people. Two and a half hours of painting kindergartners' faces. I may have nightmares of kids' faces coming at me with hearts, snakes, balloons, smiley faces and peace signs.
G is spending tonight at her grammie and grandad's house. Tomorrow is my big test. Please pray for me because yesterday I discovered a huge sty on the inside of my lower lid. Yep, a sty two days before a four hour eye straining computer test. I started using G's pink eye drops last night and there is marked difference today but it is not yet gone.
Three more days of school!

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Vivian M said...

Congratulations Miss G on your graduation! I got a bit choked up seeing her in a cap and gown, sign of things to come, sigh.

Hope your sty is better and good luck on the big test!