Friday, May 21, 2010

Kindergarten Is Exhausting

G hit the wall about 8:45pm tonight. I let her stay up "late" tonight until 8:30 and then she headed off to get ready for bed. I was waiting and waiting for her to tell me she was ready for the teethbrushing ritual (I brush night and she brushes morning) but there was nothing but silence on her part. In actuality the TV was blaring and my bedroom radio is on loud. I went to check on her about 8:50pm and bless her little kindergarten heart, she is sound asleep under covers and everything. We were going to start the new Junie B Jones book over again tonight but nevermind.

Eight more days of school and that is it, Kindergarten is over, finis, done, never to be repeated again. Then we have a busy summer what with the Chinese immersion school that I haven't heard back from yet and a soccer camp as well as all the VBS's to attend. I am tired just thinking about it, heh. Oh and this week will be very busy with graduation on Thursday.

So now to join G in her dream state, hoping to have fun in the morning. Will update tomorrow afternoon if not too tired.

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Vivian M said...

Awww she must have been tired!
Kerri is still in school until the end of June.
It sounds like an exciting summer awaits Miss G! And like you are going to be the one that is exhausted, lol.