Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Re-cap

G made me several cards which is always nice. Saturday, G and I spent the day cooking. G made cookies in her easy bake and then she helped Grammie and I dip strawberries in white chocolate and ruin some berries in semi sweet chocolate (lesson learned only use milk chocolate or white chocolate).
This card describes me in G's eyes anyway. She said I have sort of brown hair, heh. She loves me because I buy her stuff, I love on her and sometimes take her to the blue park. She lists my favorite food as pizza, not far off actually, heh.

I made myself sick on the strawberries! They were delish!
Now we are watching princess and the frog (my new fav. movie). I have to start dinner soon.
This week began the sign up time for the next food giveaway (that means not much computer time for the next 3 weeks). We signed up 350 people in 4 days when last time it took two weeks to do the same amount. Word is getting out and the actual date isn't for another two weeks ugh! We only have 400 spots total. Come to find out we are in the area that has the hungriest citizens in the nation. Big city has been classified as the hungriest city in America according to some gov't survey.
G graduates on the 27th but school isn't out until the 3rd. They will be doing busy work for the last four days of school.
I have a sinus infection and in general feel like warmed over death or death warmed over. So I am trying to fight it with over the counter stuff. I haven't found the right combination yet though to feel good.
Anyway, I seemed to have lost my blogging mojo though there is a lot out there to blog about. I also have self sensored so much that I almost don't feel like blogging anymore anyway. Maybe the difference would be if I had a faster computer then I wouldn't get so frustrated on the waiting for pics to upload or pages to open. Or maybe if I just stepped away for a bit. The decision may be made for me for the next few weeks, we shall see.
There has also been lots of sad happenings the adoptive blog world. One family's child died before they were able to meet her. Another family's child was pulled after referral by the CCAA due to serious developmental delays. But then there has been some sweet happenings too, several families off to meet their new children and a long awaited referral for others!!!
So now off to feed my baby girl some supper! Oh and I have a few more Saturdays until my test, then we shall see about getting a job. The grant hasn't come through yet for the one position, and I really am beginning to be a bit more stressed. Unemployment is still holding us afloat but not by much. Oh and this is just documentation of our situation not a pity party.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my friend....I am waiting for the day when I can write the date by your name that God has answered our prayers for a job.

Sounds like a wonderful mother's you!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! The strawberries look yummy. Her answers were so cute. :)

Vivian M said...

I hope you feel better soon and find the right meds to deal with the sinuses. Hubby has tried them all, lol.

Very nice strawberries! And the card is nice too :o) Happy belated Mother's Day!

I still have my fingers crossed and saying a prayer a great job comes your way soon. Good luck on the test!