Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Book Will Make You Very Mad...

at the Government. Amazing the things our government has done to grow away from the foundations of our country. And yes I mean the government has GROWN. What was intended to be a very small part of our country that being just to protect us, provide the infrastructure and keep us safe from enemies abroad and at home, it has grown to a ridiculous size that threatens to touch every part of our individual private lives.
How did that happen? Well, through lies and deceptions and cleverly worded laws that erode our naturally given rights (Not given by a government but by a CREATOR). Judge Napolitano lays it all out through historical records, laws, and court opinions.
It has taken me a very long time to get through this book because I get so mad that we, the people, have let this happen over time and ever so slowly. We are like frogs, slow boiling, unawares, to our death-death of freedoms.
Everyone needs to read this book. I only to understand what is happening and what has happened that lead the US to the brink of socialism. You will be angry as well. This book will give you a reason to become political and fight back against the ever growing government. In order for us to remain free as our Founders intended then we need to understand the many ways our government lies to us. Judge Napolitano gives us that understanding.
In exchange for this review I received this book for free.

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