Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday morning, G called her grandad and asked if they could go fishing. He and Grammie came to pick G up after church. I went to take a nap at a wee bit after 1pm and didn't wake up again until G came to tell me she was going with Grammie and Grandad to evening service at 5:41pm. Yep, I slept over 4 hours and would have slept longer had G not come into tell me what they were doing. The dog that sleeps with us was also napping with me and did not even stir when G came home. What a great protector this dog is!

I have been sick with a summer cold, stuffy head etc. I guess I haven't been sleeping well and needed to catch up. I had just been complaining to told my mom last Sunday that I haven't been able to nap past 2 hours, then whammo a 4 hour nap.

I used to be a champion nap-taker. Seriously, I would go to the early service at church and then come home before 11am, go back to bed until 5:15pm when I would get a large latte and go to the evening church service. And yes I could still go right back to bed at a decent hour the same evening; that is what made me the champion nap taker (self-proclaimed that is). Of course this was all pre-G. I love Sunday afternoon naps, that is for sure!

Oh and G and her grandad caught several small fish. She got to ride in the front of the truck and when grandad "scrolled the window down" she got to unbuckle to see the turtles. Riding in the front of the truck is such a treat for her.

She then came home last night demanding the "fenometor" to take her "temper" even though she promises she doesn't want to be sick.


Vivian M said...

I wish I could take naps! Hope you feel better soon, and that Miss G does not have a temperature!

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I love Sunday naps too.

bajones said...

Do I ever miss those pre-single-parent power naps on the weekends....sigh..

It sounds like your mom is doing pretty well.