Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Well, Now I Know...

What the baby in the lullaby felt like, well, almost. Sunday afternoon (but before nap time) I was swinging in the tree swing as G pushed me and in G's words, I "breaked the swing." I fell a whopping 30 feet 2 feet flat on my bum with the chain coming down on my tibia in a skipping rock fashion. The limb thankfully did not come with it (though my mind flashed a scene where the limb landed on my head in a what will I do kind of moment). And my 70 year old aunt had swung on that swing some time before I did, so I am so thankful it wasn't her that brought the swing down. After determining that I would live, though for a moment it was touch and go there we all had a good laugh, though G laughed the hardest.

In other news, I dropped a cool $500 yesterday before 10am. Seems that Dayton tire I had to get a bit over 3 years ago was as good as its word in lasting roughly 3 years and the steel started showing. When I went to have it replaced the tire place pointed out that the Michelin's that had been on it since 1999 (I bought it in 2000) were beginning to show dry rot in places. I had (including the spare) 4 of those original tires left on the car. I kept the best of those tires as my spare. I had to replace them with Firestone (I hope they last as long) Plus an oil change and buh bye $500.

Unemployment, like motherhood, is not for the faint of heart!

Mom is continuing to heal and walk better and better without a cane (her safety net). G's relationship with her has changed, sadly, dramatically for the worst. It is G's attitude regarding my mom rather than anything my mom has done or does. And that makes me a little sad.

My aunt left after being here for 2 weeks. G fell in love with her because she played with G on G's terms and played G's game. So yesterday G told me that G loves AA best, better than anyone. All this said with tears as she realized AA was leaving that morning. I said, "It is a good thing God doesn't love us just because we do everything His way. And it is a good thing Grammie and Grandad don't love you just because you do everything their way. That is not a kind of love that lasts." That was me, of little patience, on a school morning not wanting to put up with G's (not sure if they were real) tears. I know, I am now accepting the mother of the year award for patience, NOT!

Oh and G raged yesterday afternoon from 4:30ish pm to after 7pm moving from topic to topic to be mad at me for. I will say (again, award deserving) I didn't like her very much during that display of anger, tears, meanness (she told me she was going to cut me, yes from a 6 year old) etc.

This morning was a bit better for her, I am still trying to process how yesterday's mess broke down as the afternoon had started out really well.


TanyaLea said...

OUCH! Well, I'm glad to hear that you're okay. How in the world the the chain come apart? It must not have been too thick of one. I'm glad to didn't end up in the could've been much worse.

Well, hopefully this cheers your day a bit... You won my raffle for the AG "Elizabeth" Doll Gown set! I will be giving Ashley (the doner) your contact info so she can send it to you. Her mom just passed away from cancer, so I'm not sure if she'll be able to get in the mail right away...but I know it will be as soon as she can.


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I'm not sure I would have made G feel badly for enjoying her Aunts special attention. Maybe you should have just said it's nice to be special sometimes! Aunt so and so was great wasn't she? Kids have "best friends" that change weekly. You are always there...and even if she doesn't love you best (this week) doesn't mean she doesn't love you/ or your mom.

The Byrd's Nest said...

You know Bev....sometimes with my girls there is no reason that these things begin. Well, there might be but I have never figured it out.

Sorry about the swing and especially G and your mom. I don't think what you said to her was bad at all. I would have said the same thing to my girls about how God loves us....unconditionally. Love you....big hugs.

Vivian M said...

Ouch! Glad you are OK from the swing accident.

I am sorry Miss G is sad to see her Aunt go, but glad she enjoyed her special time with her. I am sure she will go back to having a great relationship with her grandma soon.

And ugh about the car! Girl, I hope your luck changes soon.