Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catchin' Catfish

G and her grandad caught 3 catfish today. She wouldn't hold it so Grandad did for her picture. Her hair bands broke in the almost 100 degree heat and 80%+ humidity so that is why her hair is down.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Ewww....I don't think I would hold it either:)

So sorry about your home Beverly. I am praying my friend. I know some days you must feel like...what else is going to happen? Praying for God to give you some answers. Love you!

P.S. Your e-mail meant the world to me....I am saving it for "rainy days" ;)

Vivian M said...

Wow, congrats on the great catch!

LedaP said...

She definitely doesn't look too sure about that!! :)