Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3 of Camp

Okay so it isn't so much immersion as cultural camp which is also fine. G can't seem to remember much by the time she gets home which is frustrating for me, heh.

Monday she said she had fun. Tuesday morning she said she missed me on Monday and that she cried in her stomach because she missed me. She said she cried but held it inside. Tuesday evening she said it was "funner" than the day before but that she cried twice for me. She said she cried when I dropped her off and then again when they had cleaned up the tables and someone accidentally threw away a picture G colored. Even the garbage lady couldn't find it in the trash. G tried to re-create it by drawing it though.

Today is day three, 5 hours left to the day. G hasn't seemed to mind going in the morning. She actually looks forward to it. I think my being jobless has been both a blessing and a curse. The curse is a bit obvious, but another part is that being with G so much has made separating from me difficult for her. For me, not so much! I am okay separating ;}.

G made a new friend at camp. K, of whom I know not much, is G's new best friend. K was put in timeout though yesterday during free time for running around like crazy and pulling a computer off the table tripping on the cords. Hopefully, G won't follow her too much.

I told G to be sure to remember today's lesson of jiaozi making, yum. One thing though, G hasn't had any math or abacus training yet. I am a bit disappointed. I think the math would be helpful this school year. She can't seem to remember the language anyway so why not teach the math?

One of the teachers told me that G writes beautifully, which she does. It is so nice because G does have a wonderful hand, not like mine!!! G is learning a bit of calligraphy and the basis from where the characters came. She learned bird yesterday. If they told her the the name she didn't remember it, but she has a pretty character.

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