Sunday, June 06, 2010

Renaming a Song

One time, a long time ago, when I was rich a friend and I traveled to Europe. We had a grand time there. We saw all of the great places: museums, theater, castles, cities etc. Once while in a disco in Lucerne with all of the beautiful Swiss people, a song came on over the speakers, an American song. All of these non-English speaking beautiful Swiss people stood in the middle of the dance floor and sang along perfectly and loudly to this song. The song was a song that I couldn't get discos around here to play because they said it was too slow. The song--I Will Survive-- is one of my favorites of course.

G calls it, The Dead Song. It is on a karoke CD being given out in the Wendy's kids meals. There are four different CDs but I think there are only like 4 songs on each. I had to beg to let me trade the original 80s CD for the one with the dead song on it.

Here are some other G renaming of songs, the coconut song- is "I'm a Little Acorn," the bear song could be "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" or "I Met a Bear," and the bakery song of which I can't remember the name talks about a girl buying a donut with a nickel with a hole in it.

I can't remember right now some of the other funny renaming of songs but I know each and every one when she asks for them.

Since this is the second official night of summer vacation G is spending it with the grandparents. Due to the Saturday yardsale she spent Friday too. Saturday morning she and her grandad went fishing and today she called him before church to go fishing afterward. She caught 8 or 10 fish but all too small to bring home TTL. I am so glad they have that time together (almost every week now). I will be sad if it ever ends mostly because I get great nap time in of the bonding time they have together. When it ends it will either mean he is too old or she is.

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Kristy said...

We were in Lucerne in January and we loved it!!!!! It is beautiful!!!

Love, Kristy