Monday, June 07, 2010

Small Blessings

So G graduated Kindergarten and received the class award for "Most nosey Curious." G's last day of school was Thursday a week after graduation. They (the ones who came anyway) helped clean up the room so much so that when I picked G up early she didn't wish to go! She told me "the boys were HELPLESS, I did ebrything." She was funny.

We swam all day Memorial Day. It was fun and I didn't get sunburned, YEA! That was a very busy and disappointing week for sure. I needed a win and didn't get it. So one door is closed to me. Job hunting is disappointing and becoming depressing. Now that is enough about that.

The place where I volunteer fed 345 families on Friday. That was a tiring day for everyone. Because school was out, G had to be with us helping. She was so good all day. We have another give away in another two months. This time we will be signing up 425 because it seems 50 or so don't bother to show up for free food anyway which means people are feeling entitled so no need to come get it right? Now that is all I'm gonna say about that.

There are small rewards volunteering there though. Someone donated 4 boxes of movies, some never opened. Because the shelter is mostly for emergency food and clothing I was able to keep some of the movies for myself. The original Little Women and several other movies were in the boxes. Also, some of the clothes are donated from a local women's store that I am able to keep as well. Sometimes it is only a matter of needing a new zipper or something. G benefits as well, someone donated a t-shirt that says "My pretending to listen to you is enough."

At the yard sale Saturday I made enough to pay my half of G's Chinese immersion camp. I also picked up several new chapter books for G (Jackie Chan's adventure books and the Dish series). I picked up an Amelia Bedelia book and three other books of which I can't remember the names. I also picked up a new very cute brown/pink lunchbox for G for next year or whenever she wishes to use it (may be too prissy for her for next year). I also made enough to keep us swimming this summer.

G received some money for graduation and just because from my aunt in Fl. The money is absolutely burning a hole in her pocket. I personally don't want to see her spend it until there is something she really wants other than a toy. I don't mind toys it is just that she wants to buy a toy, no specific toy - just any toy. Anyway, that is enough about me, how about you?

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Vivian M said...

Kerri is into wanting a toy every day now too. I just keep reminding her to save her money and that she has a wish list for her birthday and the holidays. It's not really working, though.

Yay on the yard sale! I have always wanted to do that, but am just afraid that nobody will want anything I have, lol.

I hope Miss G never outgrows spending time with her grandparents! How is your Mom doing?