Monday, June 28, 2010

Soccer Girl

I don't have any pictures but soccer camp started today. G is one of 4 girls at the camp. There are three college students here teaching through the sports crusade ministry team out of MO. They are actually pretty good with the kids. Some of the boys are a bit wild needing quite a bit of re-direction.

It was very very hot and directly in the sun with roughly three breaks for water/gatorade. G was breathing kind of funny when we left; I was just a bit worried. I stayed in the shade the whole time, but for the rest of the week I think I am going to not go. She will be fine just dropped off.

Actually, she told me she wished I wasn't there, so I told her I wouldn't be the rest of the week. She had at first told me that her grandparents wouldn't get to see her play and was sad about it, so I video'd some for them to see from where they are. I just haven't loaded it yet.

Got out her slip 'n slide yesterday while I fixed lunch. She of course loves it. My grass doesn't love it so much though.

Played many many games of Go which she learned at Chinese camp last week. She did cry everyday but she only called me once. She got to do everything in that week that she loves: painting, clay, cooking, writing, math, just everything.

Picked the garden Saturday, gave most of everything away, except the green beans. Need to go out and pick it again today. Also, made hummingbird food, just letting it cool so I can put it out.

It is very hot and humid outside again today. Sort of wish it would rain to cool everything down a bit. I think that is wishful thinking on my part however.

We are slowly working through the Junie B. Jones series of books. G loves them and so do I. I tell you that Junie B. is a real stinker. So glad G isn't like her, heh.

Okay off to sweat really badly pick the garden.


Sharon said...

What a girl!! We tried reading with Bailey this Am, NOT ready yet!!lol

The Byrd's Nest said...

I don't know Junie B. books....I will have to check them out....I am certain I must already have a child like

Love you girl and hope to see some soccer pics soon:)