Monday, June 21, 2010

Wise Up Power book

I ordered this book for G from Amazon. It is time to empower my girl about her history, life and looks against other kids who don't know what to do with someone different.

Last week in VBS no less than 4 kids asked G if she was Chinese, why didn't she speak it, and why was her hair black. G told me that AC told about going to a Chinese restaurant once and seeing a waitress who had eyes "like this" (pulled tight at the corner). G demonstrated that to me and I said, "Well, G that is what your eyes look like. She was trying to make Chinese eyes." G vehemently said, "Nuh uh, Mama, see (pulling her eyes tight at the corner) I can't even see like this. That isn't how my eyes look." Um, yeah, okay.

So it should be shipped this week. G asked me if she "is the only Chinese people in American?!?!" I assured her she wasn't and that she would see many at camp this week. Of course I dropped her off at camp this morning and all I saw were caucasian kids being dropped off. Maybe Chinese camp is only for caucasian kids and American camps are for Chinese? I can't see how it will be a true immersion camp, but they will learn a lot I hope anyway.

They will have one hour a day (2-30minute sessions) of abacus training and 1/2 hour of mental math. That will help her in school hopefully. There will be many craft times and some cultural things as well. I am quite jazzed about the week as well as a bit nervous about how G will do. I know she will be very tired though as the camp is 8-5.

We have to stay busy to make the next month and half go very quickly due to family situations that I am not at liberty to mention. Anyhoo, busy times ahead. Also, I am making fun colorful earings for sale and will be posting pics soon with more info coming.

Okay so now off to do laundry and wait to pick up G.


Vivian M said...

Good luck to Miss G at camp! I Hope it is a very positive experience for her. :o)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Poor little is so hard to be the one that looks different. We have had an entire year of it! I tried to explain to Lottie that the kids aren't being mean they are just curious and asking honest questions...she doesn't agree:)

LedaP said...

Wow, that sounds like a great book though...I'd like to check it out too. We have an almost 5 year old from Guangxi and we're waiting for TA for our soon to be 9 year old daughter from Guangzhou! Sounds like I could use this for both of them!