Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sad Seems the Way I Talk to Jesus Too

Def. need to work on my communication with my Savior. This is def. convicting. Would be a hypocrit (more so) if I said I was truly working on this but honeslty my desire is to commune daily and actually listen, instead, I tend to ramble like this guy. Maybe everyone in the church should see this. I know there are truly prayer warriors out there and I am so glad for their prayers. True prayer is that we who call ourselves Christians would become prayer warriors as well.

What If....

This came to you or your family? It is happening in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia and can just as well happen here. Pray for the persecuted church. Pray that Sharia will be stopped from expansion.

John Lennon Actually Makes Sense Here

Link in the title.

And there is this from Scary, yes? May not be in writting but sure is demonstrated in the MSM.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures From the Interview Set-up

Looking for a plug and setting up some of the screens. East coast sound girl now living in LA working on the sound system for the camera.

Ms. M talking with the interviewer before the official on camera interview.
Getting the lighting right for the chair.

Before the interview I sat to chat with the interviewer so she could get an idea of what type questions to ask. G sat with me for that part of the interview but not during the official camera time.

Setting up the lighting and the sound person getting the wires in place.
Like I said it was an interesting experience.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Eunuch Horn

"In the past, I have offended some transgendered persons by asking these two questions: 1) Does the act of removing a man’s penis make him into a woman? 2) If your answer to #1 is “yes,” does re-attaching it to his forehead make him a unicorn?"

This just made me laugh and laugh. Mike Adams makes so much sense when he writes. I just love this guy!!

Rationing Begins in Earnest in September

"This is the first shot in the health care revolution.

"In September, the Food and Drug Administration will try to take the anti-cancer drug Avastin “off-label.” Avastin is a Stage 4 drug used to battle breast cancer. Avastin is not a cure but has been shown to stop the growth of cancer for an average of five months — meaning some late stage breast cancer victims live beyond five months.

"But late stage breast cancer patients do not fit into the cost-benefit analysis of the Obama Administration. We told America rationing would happen if the health care takeover bill passed and in September, women with breast cancer will be its first victims.

"Avastin is the first medicine to fight cancer by blocking the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors. While Avastin is expensive and may not be the miracle drug some anticipated for breast cancer (it is for other types of cancer) from the success of the early trials, the overwhelming majority of breast cancer specialists believe the drug can be effective and useful in certain patients

"If the FDA takes Avastin off label it will effectively deny all but the richest Americans access to the drug. Once a drug is off label, most insurance and Medicare will no longer cover the cost of the treatment. So even if a patient meets the criteria of one who might respond positively to Avastin once it is taken off label it is highly unlikely that patient will have access to the drug unless they have the money to pay for it outright.


"Traditionally the FDA and ODAC make decisions based on a process called “endpoints.” Does a drug achieve certain targets? In this case, the FDA changed the criteria to judge the effectiveness of the drug.

"Dr. Richard Pazdur is the FDA’s Cancer Czar. Pazdur decides which anti-cancer drugs patients can have access to. In the case of Avastin, Pazdur changed the criteria to a new very subjective and slippery standard of “clinically meaningful.” And apparently the FDA and Pazdur don’t believe that extending the life of a Breast Cancer victim by 3 to 5 months or more is “Clinically Meaningful.”

"How do you put a price tag on those precious months for the families who are living through the hell of losing a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt or Wife? Taking Avastin off label is nothing more then government rationing of healthcare. Period.

"Americans with cancer live much longer than similar victims in other nations. Traditionally the FDA has not based its decisions on the cost of drug or biologic treatment, but solely on the effectiveness of the treatment. This approach seems to be changing as Obamacare is being implemented and the rationing of healthcare soon begins.

"If you knew you could take a drug and perhaps live another year, would you take it? The government will now be making that decision for you.

"Members of Congress should demand a briefing from the FDA/Dr. Pazdur before any action is taken to deny breast cancer patients access to treatment that may extend their lives. No one is suggesting Avastin is a perfect drug, however it has proven to be an effect treatment for some patients. We should not deny those patients access to a treatment that may extend their lives. The removal of Avastin is the Obama’s Administrations second attack on breast cancer patients, earlier this year they changed the mammography standard from 40 to 50, which could result in millions of women going undiagnosed."

Off the Big Government website

Why I Am Still Unemployed

or other wise titled It's the Democrats Stupid!
Really, this graph explaines things much better than I could ever say.
By the way, I was interviewed yesterday to help represent all those unemployed folks like me who are highly educated, were on an enjoyable career path, who had the world at our feet (so to speak) and then were laid off; now facing total uncertainty and no unemployment benefits. I have no idea how much will be used in the final show airing in the fall but I will be sure to let you all know; I mean that is if you are interested, heh.
They recorded some "special moments" between me and G which were totally manufactured just for the video and which G and I both felt ackward doing, heh. And G kept losing her pants because the waist was way too big after wearing them all day, who knew.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Day-5 Years

So today is 5 years since G and I met and became a family. Friday we took the day to paint some pottery. G chose a toothbrush holder and painted it a very pretty mint and teal striped design. The pictures loaded upside down.

After the pottery place we headed to the museum where we have temporary free membership.

I have a habit of giving G a book on family day so this morning I gave her a Bible (big girl version) and a Junie B. book. G and I had a pretty good day but then when we got home she absolutly had to wallow all over me. Frustrated me to death. It seems during her fear days she can't seem to get close enough to me!
Anyway, the last 5 years have been difficult caused by me financially speaking, here is hoping that things will change soon! I love you baby! You are my precious girl and am looking forward to the rest of our lives together!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fears, Fears, Fears

G has some fears. They are quite irrational and driving me crazy. We made a very big mistake by watching only the first 15 mins or so of the cartoon movie Anastasia. Not only was the story inaccurate and seemed to glorify the revolution, it was extremely scary to G. So scary in fact that she has been unable to be alone for any length of time. This means she can't take her shower without me in the bathroom with her, she can't use the potty without me in there, I can't shower without her in my bathroom with me or use the potty. We can't come to my parents anymore and have me on the computer with her in the den watching TV.

To say this is annoying is a major understatement. I can't get away from her at all for any length of time particularly when she is being a difficult demanding child, as she sometimes has a tendency to be. Sometimes I need a little time to myself and can't get it. Like right now at my parents while I try to apply for jobs on line, I can't get her to give me even a few minutes without talking, begging, wallowing on me, sitting on my lap, crying or just annoying the P-diddle out of me. Seriously, I wish this post was a recording to hear her because words aren't doing it justice and this is a 24/7 issue. I am so sick of this fear and have no answer. Oh and if it wasn't the character Rasputin from Anastasia it would be some other character from a movie or made up imagination.

Do I sound like I am whinging? Sorry, sometimes it is just difficult to be so needed and not in a good way. She seems to have lost her independence to this fear.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

G Loses Another

tooth that is. Thanks to broccoli. That tooth was giving it all it had to stay in there. The new tooth is right behind it peeking its way out crooked no less, but going no where. We had been playing "pull the tooth" all day even. So broccoli for dinner did the dirty deed and brought it right out. Now the toothfairy must come for a visit. G even had to call her grammie to let her know.

What You Need to Know

About Islam. What you don't know could end up killing you. It is that important to understand who our enemy really is. Islam cannot by its own teaching coexist with any Western ideology, PERIOD.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Are Home

No less for wear I guess. I got no new sunburn, yea me. G swam every day at least a couple of hours. Saturday she swam after breakfast and then after lunch for another 4 hours. We played miniature golf (first time for both of us), and I didn't bring a camera. The golf place had a petting zoo with a camel, ostriches, emus, horses, goats, peacocks, donkeys, llamas, ducks, turtles, fish and other birds. And like I said, I didn't bring my camera. Sort of made me sick that I chose this weekend to not be a shutterbug.

Then we picked the dog up and disovered the dog has a tape worm or many tape worms. Funny thing that, tape worms come from raw meat not fleas. The worms were about 4 weeks old which basically puts us around July 4 when G and I took the dog to spend one night at my parents in the country pretending to go on vacay. Apparently the dog got something that I didn't know she got and now she has tape worms. YEEHAW!

I am very tired to say the least. Our hosts gave G a swim floating thing shaped like a fish, some colors, bubbles and wagon wheel pasta (which we can't find around here). We watched the Princess and the Frog Sat night after having pizza and a Starbucks coffee.

Now we are watching Roman Holiday (for the third time this week); G's newest favorite.

My Letter to Blanche (Gone in November) Lincoln

This was a letter I sent to Blanche Lincoln, D-AR. I was (am still) frustrated over the Dems playing politics with lives as well as trying to take over the US to turn it into a socialist state. So I have not yet received a response from her but she has sent me an e-mail to follow her travels on her website.

[I am a single mother of a precious daughter (adopted from China in 2005, I'm not a "welfare" mom).

I am also currently unemployed (almost 1 1/2 years) due to this administration's poor understanding of economics. You are also part of this administration having voted for many of the failed stimulus plans presented by Obama as well as voting for the awful economic killing, socialist Obamacare.

Because of you and your democrat allies, I am no longer eligible for unemployment benefits nor do I have a job waiting for me. I also can't afford to pay for daycare or babysitters or other caregivers during the summer to even begin to seriously look for a job (though I do so daily).

I am either over qualified or haven't the right experience for the positions for which I have applied (there are many). I have no other resources at my disposal.

I also have a house that won't sell (going on 4 years of trying to sell it). I currently have renters in it in my vain attempt to not go into foreclosure. The rent doesn't cover the mortgage by a deficit of $250 per month again thanks to the democrats in congress.

Tell me, what do you recommend for a single mom of a school age child with no job and now no unemployment benefits (I am not on any other government program). I have a MS degree in counseling. I have experience in many different areas but am still unemployed.

Thank you for totally helping to ruin the economy with your backwards understanding of the free market! When we are forced into foreclosure of the home I have been trying to save and are unable to pay for the daily necessities such as food, water, electricity I will remember you, not so fondly. In case you are curious I am living in a family home owned by my parents but that may be short lived when there is no more money.

I will remember you in November as I help to vote you out of office. Enjoy your time being unemployed.


A ticked off constituent]

Yes, I am ticked off and tired of the democrats. I have zilch respect for any of them in congress not to mention the idiobama in the White House. There are a few Republicans whom I respect but that is all.

It did feel good to get it off my chest (so to speak). But like I said she hasn't even attempted to respond.

I addressed adopting G in 2005 because a) I was okay in 2005 and b) she was a choice not an accident due to not the best of decisions/actions on my part. And yes I am not PC! And no I don't believe welfare is a bad thing in and of itself; however, in a beaurecratic system it tends to get to big and inefficient with lots of scammers. It is good for a temporary help for those in need, but it is easily taken advantage of by people who know how to game the system.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Off for a Bit

Monday we were invited back to a friend's parents home in KY, so we are off this afternoon to do just that. They have a pool which is both good and bad. Good for G but bad for me. I got a pretty nice sunburn last Sat and then mowed my yard last night at 6pm. From that adventure I ended up with water blisters on the same sunburn. So we shall see how we do tomorrow hanging out in the pool all day, heh. Hopefully, by going north a bit we will have a bit cooler weather. It is truly miserable here right now, not so much temp but humidity, UGH!

No word on a job and still no unemployment. Stress continues to build. I have to believe there is something out there to do and that I will be bringing in income soon.

Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Era of Race Relations, Hmmmm

And some pictures from around the web.

I am so ready for November and then 2012 to get rid of the idiobama in the White House. The whole economy being taken over by a crooked Chicago style politician leaving millions out of work and forced onto government roles or into shelters. Sickening politics isn't it. And what about the whole DOJ not bringing charges against any black person for race crimes. It is almost that Eric Holder believes black people can't be racist, hmmmm.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today G and I spent a bit over 5 hours at the KOA pool. Then it just got way to crowded with some moms making really scary assumptions about the abilities of their kids to not drown with little floating things. Drove me crazy I tell you. I put one very little girl on the side of the pool because she was in the deep end in just arm floaties and choking. Then her big sister came to get her down to take her back to the shallow end with her mom. The little girl was 2 with no adult able to quickly get to her as she choked.

Then one of the bigger kids in that pack did a flip off the side of the pool without looking and almost landed on top of G. I mean with only an inch to spare. Freaked me the helk out. I pulled her over to the side quickly! We were "racing" to the deepest end when it happened.

Other than those incidents we had a good time. There were some kids with whom G swam. A family actually got stuck in town due to 3 tires blowing out on their borrowed RV so they were making the best of it by swimming. I think G is napping in her grandad's chair right now while the TV is on. She was so tired that she had a mini melt down on the way to water the plants.

Oh and the mosquitos are really bad because it is hot and we had a very small rain. G has 7 bites on her right now that she received today. Another little girl at the pool had twice that many painful looking bites on her. I felt so bad for her and knew she must have just been miserable.

Friday, July 09, 2010

What If...

G in an old pair of my glasses without the lenses. Also, she is standing here reading over my shoulder. When did I say I wanted a reader? Heh.

Update on the Interview

I am fairly certain I didn't get the job. I can base that on the manager telling me up front, "You don't want to work here." She told me that I was basically overqualified for the $8.50 hour job, that it was chaotic so I wouldn't enjoy it even though she enjoys it and has since she was 17, that something must be terribly wrong with me to not have a job with all that experience, and "why can't you be a counselor somewhere?" "I didn't know you needed a license to do that." So yea, big flop. Not to mention that it is actually only a temporary job for October when a regular employee goes out on maternity.

Then I also found out today that the grant I have been secretly waiting on isn't coming and the director knew it last Friday. So, um, yea, that is a no go too. So I don't think I am eligible for the tier 3 benefits even if they kick in so I am stuffed out of luck, if you know what I mean. I will be applying at Wally world and the other place I hate that has a wal in it. Other people do it, so can I.

Thanks for your prayers, concerns and encouragement. I have to figure out something to do and right now all I wish to do is withdraw into a ball and never come out. This much stress tends to shut me down. Oh and I broke my coffee carafe when I washed it by dropping it in the sink accidentally. And aunt flo came today bringing uncle severepain and cousins swell and ing.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

More Soccer Pictures

Here are some more soccer pictures of G taken by another mom who put them on her facebook page and another friend pulled them off sending them to my mom, heh. G really did have a good time playing soccer and loves to practice with me. Yep, I said me who has never ever played soccer in my life.

Yes, yes she does score goals on me often, why do you ask?

The Zoo Came to Us

Today we headed to the library where the zoo came to visit us. G would only pet the owl and the armadillo and the leopard pelt.

It was an interesting experience. We also checked out one more Junie B. Jones book.
I have a 2pm phone interview today and an 11:30 am interview tomorrow. Wish me luck but even better yet, pray hard for me.

Mama Grizzlies


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Rolling in the Grass

Of course afterwards she developed a small but irritating rash on her legs. But she really did have a great time rolling down the hill. She was a bit irritated that I didn't tell her that she was allergic to grass. Of course at 22 months she wasn't but that could have changed a bit.
Oh and we have had 10 nose bleeds since Friday. They don't last long and are mainly during the night. I have a mist machine on at night now. G did have a bad bleed in the shower last night but again it didn't last long. I debated taking her to the doctor but decided to wait it out.

G's Creativity

G is playing with my barbies from childhood. She decided they were hungry so she drew/colored a full breakfast for them. I thought it was creative. I have been busy on the computer looking for a job after discovering unemployment is now gone (not sure for how long or if I can transition to another tier). I have been looking for a job not just today but you know now it is looking out of fear. So G has been playing very well by herself today.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Thanks to our Founding Father's we are able to live in a country with freedom from tyranny (well at least until this administration anyway) and with the world's most free laws with regard to religion and personal liberty. Thanks to the men and women of our armed forces we will continue to live this way! Happy 4th of July.

An Adventure of Epic Proportions

G and I are having an adventure. We even brought the dog along leaving the home guarded by the attack cats. We have taken off to spend the evening at a castle (even if only in our minds). Thank goodness this castle has internet access. Sadly there is no room service or maid service. That's okay we are making the best of it. The dog is a wee bit stressed can be the only way to put it. She is not sure if she is coming or going. This may be a long night.

So here are some of the soccer football videos from camp last week.

G really did like soccer camp. She did pretty well actually.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Remember in November

Happy 4th of July, Americans! Let us bring our nation back to its constitutional foundation and remember in November the contempt the Democrats have had for the Constitution and their constituents.

30 Things For Which G Is Thankful

This is the homework from soccer camp last night. She had to write at least 10 things for which she is thankful. I helped her spell everything. When we got to #17 "banilla milk," I attempted to spell it correctly for her as "vanilla milk" but she corrected me and said it was "ba not va."

So G's list for 30 things she is thankful. I was just thankful to have made her top ten, WHOOT!