Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Letter to Blanche (Gone in November) Lincoln

This was a letter I sent to Blanche Lincoln, D-AR. I was (am still) frustrated over the Dems playing politics with lives as well as trying to take over the US to turn it into a socialist state. So I have not yet received a response from her but she has sent me an e-mail to follow her travels on her website.

[I am a single mother of a precious daughter (adopted from China in 2005, I'm not a "welfare" mom).

I am also currently unemployed (almost 1 1/2 years) due to this administration's poor understanding of economics. You are also part of this administration having voted for many of the failed stimulus plans presented by Obama as well as voting for the awful economic killing, socialist Obamacare.

Because of you and your democrat allies, I am no longer eligible for unemployment benefits nor do I have a job waiting for me. I also can't afford to pay for daycare or babysitters or other caregivers during the summer to even begin to seriously look for a job (though I do so daily).

I am either over qualified or haven't the right experience for the positions for which I have applied (there are many). I have no other resources at my disposal.

I also have a house that won't sell (going on 4 years of trying to sell it). I currently have renters in it in my vain attempt to not go into foreclosure. The rent doesn't cover the mortgage by a deficit of $250 per month again thanks to the democrats in congress.

Tell me, what do you recommend for a single mom of a school age child with no job and now no unemployment benefits (I am not on any other government program). I have a MS degree in counseling. I have experience in many different areas but am still unemployed.

Thank you for totally helping to ruin the economy with your backwards understanding of the free market! When we are forced into foreclosure of the home I have been trying to save and are unable to pay for the daily necessities such as food, water, electricity I will remember you, not so fondly. In case you are curious I am living in a family home owned by my parents but that may be short lived when there is no more money.

I will remember you in November as I help to vote you out of office. Enjoy your time being unemployed.


A ticked off constituent]

Yes, I am ticked off and tired of the democrats. I have zilch respect for any of them in congress not to mention the idiobama in the White House. There are a few Republicans whom I respect but that is all.

It did feel good to get it off my chest (so to speak). But like I said she hasn't even attempted to respond.

I addressed adopting G in 2005 because a) I was okay in 2005 and b) she was a choice not an accident due to not the best of decisions/actions on my part. And yes I am not PC! And no I don't believe welfare is a bad thing in and of itself; however, in a beaurecratic system it tends to get to big and inefficient with lots of scammers. It is good for a temporary help for those in need, but it is easily taken advantage of by people who know how to game the system.

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Kikilia said...

Not to pry- but why won't you get more unemployment-- if they ever pass the extension. In my state you can get it for up to 2 years.

I believe I'd be able to get an extension on it- Tier 3 if it ever comes back.

I know how you feel- I never, ever thought I'd be unemployed so long.. I mean- who thought teachers wouldn't be able to find jobs? It's nuts- totally nuts.

Good luck and I hope you find something soon!