Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today G and I spent a bit over 5 hours at the KOA pool. Then it just got way to crowded with some moms making really scary assumptions about the abilities of their kids to not drown with little floating things. Drove me crazy I tell you. I put one very little girl on the side of the pool because she was in the deep end in just arm floaties and choking. Then her big sister came to get her down to take her back to the shallow end with her mom. The little girl was 2 with no adult able to quickly get to her as she choked.

Then one of the bigger kids in that pack did a flip off the side of the pool without looking and almost landed on top of G. I mean with only an inch to spare. Freaked me the helk out. I pulled her over to the side quickly! We were "racing" to the deepest end when it happened.

Other than those incidents we had a good time. There were some kids with whom G swam. A family actually got stuck in town due to 3 tires blowing out on their borrowed RV so they were making the best of it by swimming. I think G is napping in her grandad's chair right now while the TV is on. She was so tired that she had a mini melt down on the way to water the plants.

Oh and the mosquitos are really bad because it is hot and we had a very small rain. G has 7 bites on her right now that she received today. Another little girl at the pool had twice that many painful looking bites on her. I felt so bad for her and knew she must have just been miserable.


Anonymous said...
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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh swimming sounds wonderful! I think mosquitos are attracted to Lottie...she always gets bitten and then it takes two months to completely go away:(