Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Are Home

No less for wear I guess. I got no new sunburn, yea me. G swam every day at least a couple of hours. Saturday she swam after breakfast and then after lunch for another 4 hours. We played miniature golf (first time for both of us), and I didn't bring a camera. The golf place had a petting zoo with a camel, ostriches, emus, horses, goats, peacocks, donkeys, llamas, ducks, turtles, fish and other birds. And like I said, I didn't bring my camera. Sort of made me sick that I chose this weekend to not be a shutterbug.

Then we picked the dog up and disovered the dog has a tape worm or many tape worms. Funny thing that, tape worms come from raw meat not fleas. The worms were about 4 weeks old which basically puts us around July 4 when G and I took the dog to spend one night at my parents in the country pretending to go on vacay. Apparently the dog got something that I didn't know she got and now she has tape worms. YEEHAW!

I am very tired to say the least. Our hosts gave G a swim floating thing shaped like a fish, some colors, bubbles and wagon wheel pasta (which we can't find around here). We watched the Princess and the Frog Sat night after having pizza and a Starbucks coffee.

Now we are watching Roman Holiday (for the third time this week); G's newest favorite.


Vivian M said...

Welcome back home! It sounds like a wonderful vacation!
I am sorry to hear your dog has tape worms, I hope he gets better real soon!

Mama Melissa said...

Hey, how are you and G doing? I was catching up on your blog and it looks like you're having a tough time right now... :( I'm sorry!!

Is there anything I can do to help? (i'm south of cincy)

Also, I was wondering how G is doing with her meltdowns lately... Again, I would certainly be a shoulder, at least, if you need to talk to someone...

dd Mia

Mama Melissa said...

ps. sending up prayers for you (all). big hugs!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Sounds like a great time for just the two of you! Sorry about your dog:( Know that I continue to pray for you....big hugs my friend