Thursday, August 26, 2010

G Stands for Giver

G has started GAs (Girls in Action) at my parents church. I took her last night though usually my parents take her. Right now the GAs are celebrating Christmas in August to collect and send needed things to specific missionaries around the world. So G was given some lip balm to give to the cause.

After church was over G was asking me what she was going to give. I told her that she already gave something but for some reason she doesn't register that fact. She said that they had discussed (and she had made a card with what to donate) what needed to be given next Wed.

So I said, "What exactly do you wish to give?" She came up with toothpaste. She wants to give 4 packages of toothpaste. I told her that with her $5 we could go to Dollar Tree and buy that much toothpaste for her to give. I think because she was given something to put under the tree she didn't feel that it was truly from her. If, however, she spends her own money, then it will truly be from her. So that is exactly what we will do.


Vivian M said...

How wonderful that Miss G wants to give from her own money to those less fortunate! I am sending her a huge hug!

Heather BT said...

I can see how she would feel that way, and glad that she wants to give something herself. It shows a generosity of spirit.
Heather BT

Christie said...

That is wonderful...what a great way to teach about giving and sacrifice. I love this! (Dollar Tree is a great love it and it's reasonable to meet their goal)

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