Thursday, August 26, 2010

G's School and Soccer Update

School is going okay great. We have had two very bad nights trying to get to sleep, though, and one rage this morning, ugh. We have had sleep issues from the very beginning. The fears are still there which means we are still co-sleeping and I have no privacy.

G has discovered the lunchable flavor nachos; pizza was so last year. So when the lunchables go on sale for $1 or less I stock up for her lunch. I have had lunch with her 2 days which has been nice for us both.

She knows the first and last names of the kids at her table grouping and she quizzes me on them often. There are over 20 kids in her class. She knew several kids in her class before school started.

No problems with getting on the bus or off other than my inability to know exactly when to meet her (I am always 10 to 15 mins early). As the weather is cooling her bus experience will be much cooler as will my waiting on the corner for her.

She made a friend on the school bus but can't remember her name and this friend showed her where someone put out a cigarette on the friend's arm. Should I be worried? I am very much hoping this was an accident but if these kinds of comments continue to happen I will have to do something.

She has seen the majority of her kindergarten class and other kids we know which is good. She will not acknowledge the presence of her Kindergarten teacher though when she sees her in the hall.

Soccer practice started Monday night. The cleats we had been given didn't fit so we ended up buying a new pair. We added a new pair of shin guards that go under the socks and fit much better than the already in the sock pair. I have to figure out how to switch her socks that came with the uniform because they are way too big.

We also had to buy a new pair of tennis shoes because G's shoes are very uncomfortable despite the fact that her foot has grown a total of none. She is still a size 12 same as at the beginning of Kindergarten. Is that weird?

Anyway the problem is actually in her little pinkie toe that she says is squished into the side of the shoe. No, she doesn't have wide feet but we got a pair of New Balance because traditionally they have wider toe boxes.

Another problem with one pair of leather shoes is the tongue is rubbing the bend at her foot and shin. She seems to be a hoarder and refused to let me give that same pair of shoes away and decided that she would wear them to church only, not school.

Oh and I am borrowing my parents computer as mine is still down. Other observations, Why is Jerry Springer still on?!?!


Vivian M said...

It sounds like you both are going to be very busy this school year!
Good luck Miss G in school and in soccer!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

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Good Luck!