Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet the Teacher and Other Ramblings

Was last night. G and I took all of her supplies and I met the very young new 1st grade teacher. I like her so far. I discovered that the bus will pick up and drop off on our street. YEA! That will save me in gas since I was driving everyday to pick her up. G wasn't supposed to go but I had no babysitter, can't afford one and parents weren't available. She wasn't the only kid there but she was one of a few. I warned her not to embarrass me and listed things that would. When she would start to do something I leaned into her ear and said, "You are embarrassing me" or "That embarrasses me." I needed to make sure she was very very quiet and not really noticed since she wasn't supposed to be there.

Anyway she has her own desk but the desks are set in groups of 5 that look more like a work table. She knows 3 of the other kids at her group and one next to her group so I think she will have enough friends in class with her.

Soccer starts Monday for practice and ends in October. Short season but that will work fine. Games will be every Saturday. Thankfully it should be cooling down. I am thankful early hoping that will make it cool down some, heh.

Food give away last Friday had 366 people pick up out of 425 signed up. So surprising that people who want and need food can't remember to come pick up free food. Seriously, has it become that routine?

Using my mom's computer to get the last two reviews done and then probably won't be around that much. We will have to just see. I still need to find a job though. I guess I will be hanging out at the library while G is in school. Keep praying for a job because somethings have been said about me by someone I don't really know very well that have hurt my chances at several positions. Unbelievable meanness actually for no reason, like I said, we don't know each other very well.

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