Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anything Is Better

As a cheesy dip, heh. Lunch today is creamed spinach in cheese sauce with nacho chips. All courtesy of the food pantry where I will be for the next 4 weeks. The other day it was guacamole (frozen and out of date but ooh so good). Because it is all about health you know!

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to volunteer and use my skills here while I languish in the unemployment hell hole. I am attempting to build a database for the ministry to use and manage all the individual who seek help from month to month. It may be a bigger mess deal than I initially anticipated. But if I get it started then when I am back working maybe they can finish it or maintain it in the future.

We are gearing up for the give away and increasing our numbers but keeping the original 400 spots. It just seems amazing how people can just forget to pick up free food after making an appointment within a week of the give away. So we are stretching our faith to fill and give away 400 slots with 450 families. Usually we have roughly 60 or 70 forget each time.

Signed up for Tweet My Job today. I am not giving all my URLs, Facebook page, twitter page etc away. I don't want prospective employers to snoop around my info. Maybe I should start a job search blog and just post a few job search things there to put on the profile. I couldn't link it to any other blog or my "ramblingmother" name. But having nothing on the profile looks like I am not computer or internet savvy, you know? Anyway, whatever. We shall just wait and see I guess.

I can't wait to see how G did on her spelling test. I am a bit nervous for her. No matter what I am very proud of her because she is learning so well and trying her very best.

She read me Amelia Bedelia the other night while I was getting ready for bed. Yes, it was painfully slow though it didn't seem to take that long since I was busy. She did a pretty good job on it for having words that were really long and difficult to sound out.

Okay back to the database.

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