Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did You Ever Wonder...

Why Israel is the center of the world's attention? The history of the Arab-Israel conflict goes back to the calling of Abraham out of the land of Ur when God made a promise to make a great nation out of Abraham. In the time between the promise and the actual fulfillment of the promised child, Abraham failed to trust God. The sin of Abraham to listen to Sarah and use Hagar as the surrogate has caused the Middle East Crisis that we see going on currently.
Bryant Wright does an excellent job of seeing both sides of the issue tracing the conflict to its origin. Amazing to think how one sin, one decision, one person's lack of trust in God has such huge ramifications for us today. We all are suffering from Abraham's decision oh so long ago.
I would highly recommend this book for a better understanding of the Palestinian conflict and the promise being fulfilled to Israel. This is neither a pro-Palestinian nor pro-Israel book, necessarily. It does show how the Jews are the legitimate owners of the land, as well as how the Arabs do continue to feel history has not been fair to them.
In exchange for this review which is all my own opinion I received a free copy of this book.

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