Thursday, September 23, 2010

GAs and Spelling Tests

G has a spelling test today. The pre-test is today and if she makes 100 she doesn't have to take it on Friday. The bonus word is "friendship." One of her words is "quack" and sometimes she forgets the "u." She will be disappointed if she has to take it on Friday, and I can't lie, I will too.

Last night was GAs (Girls in Action) at my parents church. I take her and drop her off. So they sent home an invitation for a GA lock-in/prayer walk for October. Of course G has soccer on the Saturday. She is already stressed about deciding which to do, do the lock-in and be tired for soccer or not go to the lock-in. So in the car she prayed to God, "Dear God help me make a decision as it comes to the week before so I can know what to do." And she was so sincere in her prayer it made my heart glad.

I personally hope she decides to go because I think it will be good for her. I am worried though that she will get too tired and melt down in front of her friends which may or may not be a good thing. I tried to ask the teachers about who would be there (because I won't) and what do they do if the girls get tired and/or cried. I am sure I looked like a paranoid mom but mainly I wanted to know do you end up calling the parents or can you guys handle it alone? Because I don't want to be called if she decides to go and then gets upset later.

I don't remember being included in lock-ins at G's age. Youth group yes but not 1st-5th grades. They just make kids grow up too fast.

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