Sunday, September 05, 2010

How We Celebrated This Weekend

Friday night G beat me at Candy Land, Chinese Checkers, Uno, Go and Manacala. Then I read while she played solitaire and pinball on a borrowed computer. I was so tired, grumpy etc due to hormones. I was so hoping that overnight (by a birthday miracle) I would just jump through menopause, but alas it was not to be so I have been popping Aleve like candy for the last two days, yee haw.

Saturday we went to the zoo then met a friend for coffee. On the way to coffee the director of the food pantry called to invite us to bowl which we did at 5pmish. Then she treated us all to dinner at Shoney's. That was really nice. They did the whole sing for your birthday thingy.

Yes, G did touch a boa constrictor. The zoo person said it felt like a basketball, but G said it was more squishy than a basketball.

I stunk while bowling and at dinner. I smelled like the zoo because we left the zoo at 3pm, got gas and stopped at the Chinese market for a seaweed snack before meeting my friend for coffee and then meeting the others to bowl. Read: no time for a quick shower or anything, YUCK. G thought it was funny that I would just pop out how badly I stunk like the zoo.

At the bowling alley, G smacked me down on air hockey. She also bowled a 110 to my 106. You know, good thing I am humble, because being smacked down on multiple games can strike at a girls ego, especially a frail 40 year old ego like mine, heh.

And now I am watching old Lawrence Welk shows, why? Because I am now middle aged reliving my childhood Sunday afternoon memories.


Vivian M said...

Oh my, I remember that show too!
Hope you feel better soon.

Kristin said...

How funny...we just went to the zoo today. My girls made a beeline for the snakes. They wanted to see the "boga instructor".....=)

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Yay!