Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Remembered

What the other thing G wanted for Christmas, a bowling set. I told her she already had one, which is true, it is the playschool baby one (hand-me-down) and is still used by her. So then she said a soccer set. I think she means a goal which is a real possibility from my parents maybe. Then they can leave it at their house because they have the soccer sized yard.

But yesterday while at the volunteer ministry I was again walking through the warehouse when someone picked up a donated child's 6lb bowling ball. Have I mentioned how much G likes bowling? No? Well, let me just say she LURVES IT and is currently saving her money for us to go again. Now the ball comes in an ugly, read: old, white with pink stripe bowling bag, but the ball itself is a beautiful pearl blue. Okay, so it has the name "wren" engraved in it. I said that would help us identify the ball as ours. Or maybe it is the name of the line the ball came from.

But nevertheless G will be getting her bowling set for Christmas. Now I am praying someone will donate a pair of child's size 12 bowling shoes and a pair of adult size 8 1/2 bowling shoes. Is that too much for God? I think not.

I was so excited about this treasure find that I stayed on my high pretty much all night almost spilling the beans to G in the car on the way home, OOOPS. I called my mom to tell her and she rightly pointed out that God was taking care of Christmas this year for me. I so agree.

Oh and don't forget the Shutterfly greeting cards give away. I have two comments and if I only get three comments I will gladly give it to only the first three people. If I get more then I will follow the rules I originally set and draw three names.

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