Friday, September 17, 2010

Interviews and Leads

But nothing from them. So still unemployed, have a 4 week extension on the unemployment benefits.
I have lost some of G's pictures but while cleaning up some thumb drives I found some as well.

G has a soccer game in the a.m. and a car wash and then we plan to go bowl in the afternoon. Busy busy social life I tell you.

Look I found the first and last day of kindergarten and darn it if she doesn't look as unhappy on the first day as the last. This year was a totally different attitude. She was much happier to be a first grader than a kindergartner.

Yesterday she had her first spelling test and made a 105 because she got the bonus word an 8 letter word no less. Also her grandad ate lunch with her to celebrate grandparents day (each class was assigned a different day and time to accommodate all the grandparents).
Anyway, so much for the update. The food give away is gearing up and if I am not working I will be preparing for that. Have a great weekend. I hope to be able to post a bit more frequently in the near future.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how I wish the Lord would give you a job!!!!!!!

Praying my friend....praying:)

P.S. Love her solemn little face:)

Stephanie Boaz said...

I hope one of those interviews and leads pays off for you soon!

Vivian M said...

So glad she is much happier in first grade! Now back to praying you find employment soon...sending you a huge hug.