Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just So You Know...

I didn't forget 9/11, nine years later. But I have no computer at home and really no computer to hold up and post on the blog often. We had a soccer game yesterday morning. We went to church this morning and are now at my parents for a Sunday nap.

I am posting now as a remembrance to 9/11 and all that the murders stood for and what we as Americans should stand against. We should stand against the Islamitization of America. We should stop the ground zero mosque. We should stop burnings of holy books, all holy books, even Bibles particularly Bibles burned by our own military in Afghanistan.

So anyway, a day late but still remembering 9/11. Thanks to the men and women who have sacrificed, proved their heroism and even in the face of a hostile administration, continue to love and protect this country. We should NEVER FORGET, and we will Remember in November.

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