Monday, September 27, 2010

New Careers for the Future

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From the ATETV website "Advanced Technological Education Television is an award winning on-line video series with up to the minute information connecting students with education and employment opportunities."

At ATETV high school students can look into education and job experiences in Science, Engineering, Math and Technology fields that the Labor Department says will be in demand in the future.  ATETV is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.  Through grants provided by the National Science Foundation ATETV is able to produce free videos of real job opportunities in these fields.

After spending time in the ranks of the unemployed I see how important it is for students to look at career fields that will be around in the future or will make lay-offs less likely.   Granted there are no promises; however, any field that will require technical skills will be more needed and harder to downsize. 

Several of the videos currently featured are biotech as the first step to drug development, turning 2D ideas into 3D reality and information technology.  The website is easy to walk through helping to draw students into high-tech fields such as underwater robotics, laser technology, aviation mechanics, wind-farming and high-tech agriculture.  I hope as G gets older ATETV will still be around or else she will end up being a plumber because plumbers really can't be outsourced.

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