Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spelling Update

G made a 105 on her spelling test. I needn't have worried. If she spelled "friendship" right then she wasn't going to forget the "u" in "quack."

Oh and job update, supposedly I have a temp job starting on Tuesday. The temp rep was supposed to e-mail me the details yesterday. I am on e-mail today and have no e-mail from her. I therefore have no details about the where I am going or what I am supposed to wear or to whom I should speak. To say I am a bit frustrated is quite an understatement.


Vivian M said...

The temp people will probably get in touch with you Monday. If you don't hear anything by noon, call them!

And congrats to Miss G!

Stephanie Boaz said...

Did you find out where to go for your temp assignment, and get all the necessary details?